Injury has come at worst possible time, says Sheffield Tigers' Arthur Sissis

Arthur Sissis on the outside of Matt Williamson
Arthur Sissis on the outside of Matt Williamson
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Arthur Sissis says his injury woe came as he was hitting the best form of his short career.

The Sheffield reserve will sit out the remaining weeks of the season after suffering a serious shoulder injury last week. And he’s hoping Tigers can make a good new signing to replace him as the play-off approach in the race for the Premier League title.

He said: “I went to the doctors on the Sunday and x-rays show that nothing is broken but the collarbone has actually separated from the shoulder and the ligaments are torn.

“It was my highest score in the Premier League so far this year for Sheffield and I was going pretty good. The track was quite tough for everyone and some riders couldn’t ride it but I coped with it pretty well and I was happy with how it went.

“The last few weeks had been really good; after that Cradley match that we had I’ve done well at home getting my fastest time around Sheffield and then I went away with Redcar to Glasgow and score paid ten-points.

“So for things to pick up like that and then have something like this happen to me is disappointing but at least it came towards the end of the season.

“We’ve got three more league meetings and we’ve had our share of injuries but hopefully they can find someone good to replace me and make the play-offs.”

Sheffield return to action this Thursday when they face Redcar at Owlerton with guests for both skipper Simon Stead and Sissis to be confirmed. They head to Redcar for the return the following night before wrapping up their Premier League programme ahead of the play-offs at Scunthorpe on Monday.