A head injury won’t stop Andre competing

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Andre Compton has vowed to race in Sheffield’s home clash with Workington on Thursday, a week after suffering a blow to the head from another bike.

The Yorkshireman was struck in the penultimate race of the match with Somerset last week when he was flung from his machine after shedding a chain – and Pontus Aspgren couldn’t avoid him.

His helmet was split in two places but saved him from serious injury, underlining how vital it is to have top quality safety equipment.

Leigh Lanham and Ty Proctor will sit the meeting out with Scunthorpe’s former Sheffield rider Ashley Birks coming in for Proctor.

Tigers boss Joe Screen said: “I can’t believe how we have just run out of riders recently although the lads put on a great show at Somerset. Andre is a tough lad and is desperate to be back racing, it’s great to see him so keen. Leigh is desperate to be back as well but probably needs another week of rest because of his back. He went out on parade against Somerset last week and knew he wasn’t really up to it but said he’d do his three rides. Ty is ongoing with treatment; we will have to see how things go.”

Proctor has a thigh problem which was diagnosed by the Sheffield medical staff last week and Lanham is still suffering from bad bruising and muscle damage in the back after a crash at Glasgow.