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Vulcan Redtooth’s Jordan Taylor (18/21) shares the top berth of the Division Seven leading scorer’s list with Vulcan’s Harry Sheen, following a hat trick of wins in a drawn match with Shiregreen D.

Taylor’s victims included Frank Brailsford who lies third in the list with 18/24. In a marathon set Taylor edged out Brailsford 11-7 in the decider to give the hosts a 4-1 lead, however wins from Ryan Henger, Richard Whitham and Brailsford’s marathon against Dennis Fletcher moved the visitors to 5-4.

It was left to Taylor to overcome Henger 11-9 in the decider to ensure a share of the points in this see-saw encounter.

Crookes J’s Alan Scott (23/24) added another maximum to his list of impressive performances in Division Six as he despatched Hallam Grange D’s Jon Whitchurch, John Pilling and Joe Reeve . Justin Tetlow (19/21) mirrored Scott’s treble but found the going tougher.

Results : Div One: Abbeydale B 4 Crookes B 6, Vulcan Redtooth C 1 Stocksbridge A 9. Div Two: Abbeydale D 3 Vulcan E 7, Crookes C 8 Abbeydale E 2, Swallownest B 1 Piranha B 9, Vulcan D 8 Abbeydale C 2. Div Three: Abbeydale G 4 Crookes G 6, Crookes D 9 High Green A 1, Crookes F 5 Clifton A 5, Vulcan F 5 Vulcan G 5.

Div Four: Crookes H 5 Albert Prem C 5, Vulcan H 3 Abbeydale H 7, Vulcan J 3 Hallam Gr B 7, Wadsley Br A 0 Shiregreen B 10. Div Five: Abbeydale L 3 Clifton B 7, Telecom A 6 Wheelchairs B 4. Div Six: Crookes K 0 Albert Prem D 10, Hallam Gr D 4 Crookes J 6, Hallam Gr E 10 Wadsley Br C 0, Wadsley Br B 6 Hallam Gr E 4.

Div Seven: Tapton Hill B 0 Vulcan N 10, Vulcan M 5 Shiregreen D 5.