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These are some of your letters on the vexed issue of where Sheffield Eagles will play next season.

With one of the most successful sports team in recent years on the verge of leaving the city, what do Sheffield Council feel about this embarrassing situation?

The history of the Eagles has always been about passionate individuals battling against the odds. Often overlooked by the sport’s own governing body it now looks like the club’s own council will ignore them too. Rugby league is a marginalised sport yet week in week out Mark Aston and his squad of disciplined, focused and determined players produce better results than other clubs in our city with little or no recognition. The public have the chance now to show how proud they are to have the best championship rugby league team in the country.

John Waller

I’ve watched the Eagles for 24 years, it’s part of my life. I’ve introduced my two children to the game who both love it like me. Why aren’t the council helping us? Eagles have achieved much in their short history. Aston has dedicated 13 years of his life helping young children with a career. If the council are saving £700,000 a year knocking the DVS down why can’t they use some of that to make an existing venue suitable for the Eagles? This is soul destroying; just because we are not in our thousands does not mean to say we are less passionate.

Katie Peat

Don Valley’s closure is probably one of the most controversial decisions in Sheffield Council history. The implications have a huge effect on many sporting organisations. Indeed, when opened in 1991 for the World Student Games it was said to be symbolic of the redevelopment of the industrial east end. Fast forward 22 years and we are consigning a £21m stadium to the wrecking ball with the city taxpayer still having to pay for its construction for the next decade.

It is with sorrow and anger that I heard of the club’s increasingly desperate plight. With no alternative venue being offered for the 2014 season it looks increasingly likely that the Eagles will no longer be based in Sheffield. Worse still they may even cease to exist at all - surely a crying shame when you consider that this club was raised from the ashes in 1999 by Aston and his loyal band of helpers, from the shambolic “merger“ of the old Eagles with Huddersfield.

It seems disgraceful that this self championed “City of sport”, is going to sit around and see its most successful professional team of recent times wither and die. Is this the way that Sheffield “rewards” Aston for his efforts for sport in this city?

When the closure of the venue was confirmed in March, Eagles were assured by the council that everything in their power would be done to find the Eagles an alternative venue until the new Don Valley sports & wellbeing park was built.Sadly it now appears that the council has failed to deliver on another promise and the Eagles, this week will say farewell to Don Valley and maybe even worse, the City of Sheffield.

The club has a hard core of 700-1,000 supporters who would be robbed of their passion if this was to happen. Surely my city doesn’t treat it’s great ambassadors for sport in this way?

Jason Burke Stannington,

I’d like to express my disgust at Sheffield Council’s complete lack of interest in the plight of the Sheffield Eagles. How can they say we are knocking down your ground so that’s it? All the hard work Mark Aston has put in getting dozens of youngsters playing RL all wasted. What happened to making sure the legacy of the Olympics is maintained?

Ok so money is tight but surely £700,000 a year could be found to benefit the people of Sheffield? I thought that was what the council was there for and let’s face it that is not an enormous amount of money in the scale of things. If we lose the Eagles this council should hang their heads in shame.

Graham Allan

Over the 10 years we have come from the bottom to be a very successful team, winning the championship grand final last season. The team and fans don’t get the recognition we deserve after all our success. Our time at Don Valley is coming to an end. The plans to move to new venues have fallen through and we may be forced to move out of Sheffield which will be another kick in the teeth. Aston knows how much it would hurt to lose the club.

James Turner

Why isn’t the council or RFL helping Eagles find a home in Sheffield? We have been the most successful team in Sheffield for a while and don’t get the support United or Wednesday do.

Aston has worked tirelessly to make us the team we are since reforming 13 years ago and are the current championship champions! We need a home in SHEFFIELD! Get behind us!

Nicola Bollan

Eagles have made wonderful progress and stand almost on the brink of being able to return to the Super League (the highest professional division in Europe).

The announcement that the club may have to leave The City of Sport is such a kick in the teeth.

My fear is if the club now leaves the city it won’t be able to last a year.

What a shambles it is that the City of Sport is seemingly unable to house it’s own professional RL team.

The council has made sure athletics has been re-homed which is fantastic but what about Eagles? Does our club simply slip into oblivion?

We do not want to lose our club.

Scott Quibell