CARL HALL: It’s time for the town to back Rovers and Dons

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A big ‘thank you’ to our three community clubs for coming together in the form of a Doncaster Amateur Select, to take on the Dons in a pre-season friendly at the Keepmoat Stadium last Sunday.

Overall for the first one I felt it was a big success and gives us something to build on in the future.

The boys from Bentley, Moorends and Toll Bar can certainly hold their heads up because they gave a really good account of themselves.

The game was played in good spirits and they went right to the last whistle getting on the score sheet late on.

I would like to wish them all the best for the remainder of their season with an almighty clash this Saturday when Bentley take on Toll Bar. So why not get yourselves down to watch the game as it’s one not too be missed.

This week I want to speak about the sporting public in Doncaster.

I have a few issues I want to mention, first of all why are the Rovers not getting the support they need? Mr. Ryan has put a lot of time and money into bringing quality football to the town but he’s not getting the support he deserves.

It’s alright everyone jumping on the bandwagon when they get to big games and 30,000 go to Wembley, but it is now when they need you most to give them a chance to get to these finals. So get down to the Keepmoat and support them.

I feel Jamie McDonnell is the biggest thing that has happened to this town in the boxing game for a long, long time.

He is the first European champion from Doncaster who has defended his title twice and let me tell you this kid is determined to realise his dream of becoming world champion.

But, like the Rovers, he needs our support now. Again not people jumping on the bandwagon once he is the world champion. He should have at least 5,000 from Doncaster supporting him on his journey.

Finally the Dons. This year is massive for us as there are big changes coming into the game next year with the Championship being expanded.

We definitely want to be in the mix to play Championship rugby next season which would take the Dons to the next level.

We certainly don’t want to be playing in Championship One - especially at a stadium like we’ve got and I’ll be doing all I can to make sure that we tick all the boxes.

But we can’t do this unless our crowds increase so this year we need the support of the public of Doncaster more than ever.

So please, all fans old and new, spread the word and get down to the stadium a give us the help we need.