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IT’S sure to be a very long week for fans of both Wednesday and United as they wait for this Saturday’s decisive matches.

Victory for the Owls at Brentford coupled with the Blades’ home draw with Stevenage has put Dave Jones’ team firmly in the box seat and led to widespread joy from fans of the blue and white stripes on

However, as Why Me says, there’s still some work to do: “Am enjoying my glass of 12 year old scotch, one win, that’s all but stay focused. Don’t blow it now, same determination please then a happy summer.”

avenger has words of warning: “Calm down wendies it still ain’t over yet, admit the advantage is with you it’s yours now to lose. Can you handle the pressure, we shall see...”

webbotheowl is quick to ensure Wednesdayites don’t get carried away and said watching United play Stevenage was a painful experience: “No time for gloating!! We need to finish it off next week.

“This weekend’s results don’t mean owt unless we finish it next week!! Must have aged 20 years in last 20 mins! Good come back from Utd, didn’t expect anything else!”

handsworth was around to spell out the scenario in front of both clubs: “As I said many times, do not count your chickens until the eggs have hatched. Mouthies supporting United have regarded their going into Championship as a foregone conclusion, but it is not now is it.

“We are one point in front one game to go. We are at home and only have to win by one goal to be promoted.”

Ldn Rd Blade was disappointed but still looking forward to promotion, one way or another: “Unlucky United, brilliant game. Pity we didn’t show the passion we did in the second half in the first. I’m not too down, it’s not the club or the fans’ fault we lost our two strikers at the most crucial point of the season.

“Or we lost our entire back four earlier. Weds have done what they needed to do, fair play. The pressure’s on Wednesday now. If we play like we did second half we have a chance in the play-offs.”

nottsowl was looking forward to hopefully seeing both clubs in the Championship next season. “Great result today at Brentford and another win and we are back so hopefully the Blades promoted via the play-offs love the derbies and Sheffield is back can’t wait for next week GOOD LUCK BOTH SHEFFIELD TEAMS.”

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