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SITTING on the balcony of my Sheffield flat in my hoodie and trackie-bottoms in the icy cold was no fun so I’ve come to Australia instead!

In all seriousness the trip Down Under is important in the build-up to London 2012 and it is good to have these Olympic camps with the Games counting down.

It’s more than just enjoying the sun and sea in my shades and shorts... you have to trust me on that.

We have had a long season and are coming to the end of it now but with next year starting with the Nationals in January this trip to other end of the earth marks the beginning of the Olympic cycle for me.

It promises to be a good fun camp – the only thing I do not love is the fact that I am the grandad of the team now as I’m the oldest. I guess it is up to me to look after everyone here.

It’s a really important for me and Chris Mears as we secured our Olympic spot in the 3m synchronised springboard event at the World Championships and that means we arrived in Australia with a weight off our shoulders.

But we have to push on and we have been working on the front four-and-a-half somersaults which we want to perfect for the Games.

We have been working on it individually but this time in Australia is actually the first time we will have been able to work on it together so it’s exciting.

It is all about getting into a position where Chris and I can smash up the competition next year on our way to London.

We don’t arrive back until Christmas Eve. But I was a busy boy in the Christmas shopping stakes and everybody’s presents are ready and wrapped for when I get back.

And since it is Christmas I’m going to give myself a few days off and shovel a bit of festive food in my face!

When I get back I will be in the best shape of my life so it doesn’t matter if I have a few days off training, plus you need a break sometimes.

Next year is non-stop but I like it that way as it means the time between now and the Olympics will go quickly.

It all starts with the Nationals in January and then the World Cup starts in February and then we have the World Series and then the European Championships in June and before you know it we will be moving into the Olympic village. It is so exciting and to think that I will be in my back yard in an Olympics is like nothing I can explain – I just want it to happen now!

Nick is a member of Team Kellogg’s. Kellogg’s has been supporting British Swimming for 15 years on a ‘grassroots to gold medals’ programme. Visit www.kelloggs.co.uk/swimming