Pegler beaten despite Glenyse’s 21-2 win

21-9 win: Liz Hall
21-9 win: Liz Hall
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ALAN Marrison (21-8) and Derek Wykes (21-6) both won well for Doncaster BA Saturday League Section B leaders Bawtry in their 194-149 win over Brodsworth.

Eric Buxton won 21-8 for Askern, but Roy Green’s 21-5 win gave Adwick 176-172 win.

Denaby didn’t look back in their 189-161 victory over Bawtry after a 21-6 win from Chris Jones.

Glenyse Cullingworth (21-2) helped Eden Grove-Pegler take a 16 point lead after six games, but Hexthorpe finished the stronger with Dave Smith (21-8) and Chris Case (21-7) taking them home 172-161.

Kevin Grundy (21-4), Rodger Mortimer (21-7) and Nellie Hyner and Doug Moore (both 21-9) all performed well for Roundwood B in their 192-138 win with Alan Bell replying 21-6 for beaten Brodsworth.

Harry Reeve (21-7), Dave Hall (21-2) and Roy Rider (21-9) shone for Maltby in their 162-146 Section C win over Roundwood C.

Maltby had three of the first four winners, including Maureen Brough (21-8), but Pilkingtons Rec B won the remaining six games, with last man Martin Wilson (21-6) wrapping up their 186-163 victory.

Lynne Watkinson (21-8), Tony Swancott (21-9) and Mark Swancott (21-5) were the best winners for Roundwood C in their 201-135 victory over Carcroft B.

George Brackenbury (21-9) and Jack Stocks (21-7) helped Bawtry B win their Section D match 175-162 despite opposition from Harvesters’ Conan Ingram (21-9) and Derek Morris (21-8).

George McLean (21-2) and Derek Cartwright (21-9) featured for Parklands B in their 194-159 win over Adwick B.

Tommy Parker (21-8) was one of only two winners for Pilks Pensioners as Ron Strutt (21-1) inspired Bentley Colliery to a big 193-145 win.

Dave Matthews (21-9) and Alan Marsden (21-5) were the only winners for Hexthorpe B as Vic Heley (21-5), Joan Wright, Roy Thompson and Howard Hilton (all 21-7), Frank Law (21-5) and Harold Wren (21-8) all won easily for Rossington B in their 182-110 victory.

Jack Richardson (21-4) and Pete Strutt (21-8) won well for Thorpe Marsh Bentley but Darren Stevenson’s 21-0 win kept Maltby’s Midweek League Division One unbeaten record intact with a 135-120 victory.

Last man Dave Patrickson junior won 21-8 for Woodlands Park to complete a 159-107 derby victory over Carcroft..

Simon Dinnie (21-5) and Mick Boyd (21-9) shone for Woodlands their comfortable 151-112 win over Westfield Park.

Ray Porter (21-9) was the match winner for Rossington in their 141-133 Division Two victory at Armthorpe B.

Pilkingtons Rec B started brightly in their 158-126 victory over Unison with a 21-7 win from Thomas Shillito.

Archie Hughes (21-9) and Gary Potter (21-4) showed up well for Rossington in their 159-122 victory over Eden Grove-Pegler. Brodsworth posted a 144-135 Division Three win over Yorkshire Main B.

League secretary Liz Hall won 21-9 for Parklands in their 147-124 victory over Denaby B, for whom Norman Whittaker won 21-3..

Club secretary Jean Walker (21-8) couldn’t save Thorne from a 140-135 defeat at home to Askern.

Denaby B’s four winners - Terry Walton (21-7), Mick Prince and Roy Farmer (both 21-6) and Chris Pattison (21-3) - all carded single figure victories in their 130-106 success over Brodsworth.