NAKED FAN: Streaker at soccer match - PHOTOS

RED FACED stewards at a non-league game may have some explaining to do after "turning the other cheek" when this streaker invaded the pitch.

The drink-fuelled fan in his 30s stripped off in the Retford v FC United of Manchester game last Saturday and paraded himself in the penalty box.

Rather than being chucked out, he was returned to terracing behind the goal by stewards.

But the interruption not surprisingly unnerved Retford, who were leading 1-0 at that stage. FC United promptly equalised - and the stripper returned for a second bash.

This time there was some naked aggression as he was flattened by a combination of a steward and a clearly angry Retford touch-line staff member.

FC later said the stripper wasn't an FC fan. A spokesman said: "It seems like he was a local who turned up out of curiosity and had announced earlier in the match to those around him that he intended to streak."

*A minority FC fans were involved in a brief punch-up with some locals in a corner of the ground at the game, played at Lincoln. One supporter in a wheelchair was caught up in the rumpus. But the incident soon fizzled out.

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