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Owlerton tonight 6.38 (500m): Jonagold, Emyvale Pride, Hondo Carousel, Hes Got Bottle, Rocket Rita (w), You Be Fiftytwo (w).

6.56 (500): Donnas Amber, Pappa Joe, Stormy Sue, Runaround Dean, Judders Girl, Wiguagainduck (w).

7.11 (500): Hurtlocker, Myth Or Legend, Fivestar Pupil, Kranky Bill, Moorland Belle, Golden Ella (w).

7.26 (500): Knockavon Silver, Queenofthehill, Jacobs Delight, Hollinwood Rosa, Melbourne Lad, Into The Blue (w).

7.42 (500): Fast Defector, Jay Pee Esquire, Harlequin Ottawa, Go Green, True Jack, Waycross Czarina (w).

7.58 (500): Magna Jane, Dualla Caoimhe, Nan Lemon, Melodys Nikita, Rockchase Merv, Ville La How (w).

8.13 (500); Cheeky Mover, Toomaline Dream, Coole Pegeon, Hows Jack, Dance Trev, Dukeries Holbeck (w).

8.28 (500): Swift Pit, Spitfire Spirit, Let It Rayyan, Do Not Bend, Liscahana Josie (w), Licence To Till (w).

8.43 (500); French Lace, Mountview Tina, Dads Billy, Hollinwood Sam, Logandyke Lizzie, Rockchase Amore (w).

8.58 (500); Demesne Lee, Magna Fiddler, Swift Torres, Joes Laughter, Ballyguiry Spike, Parkfield Alice (w).

9.14 (500): Stepaside Bigjak, Magna Hawk, Donnas Gift, Russanda Ross, Droopys Safina (w), Sporty Fortune (w).

9.33 (280): Air Patrol, Cheeky Sue, Urban Phantom, Trudys Purse, Sweetyest Feeling (w), Crucial Memory (w).

9.50 (500): Russanda Jess, Teds Style, Miaton Joe, Sub Zero harvey, Sheffield Eagles (w), Sprig Hill (w).

10.07 (500): Ace Delight, Fintans Freddie, Lady Killough, Iconic Jasmine, Stepaside Glenis (w), Shades Of Jonah (w).

10.23 (660); Rhincrew Fergie, Ballymac Ford, Duke Of Spades, Rhincrew Eily, Icandoit, Tiger In Brazil.

10.40 (500); Malbay Cindy, Note Book, Screambluemurder, Stepaside Brook, Cill Dubh Light, Rich And Rare (w).

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