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Owlerton Stadium tonight: 7.25 (500m): Stormy Fortune, Emyvale Pride, Farinelli, Carolines Kiss, Edenderry Joe (W), Cragaknock Weer (W).

7.40 (280): Coopers Dingo, Glenbrack Mona, Donnas Michael, Fairytalenewyork, Trick To The five, Lady Mucca (W).

7.55 (500): Cool Reminder, Schofield Derry, Stand By Me, Lusty Lashes, Hes Got Bottle, Garrylou Sparkle (W).

8.10 (500): Blame Tee Nine, Spitfire Spirit, Cool Con, Russanda Ritz, Iconic Turpin (W), Licence To Till (W).

8.25 (500): Stepaside Mini, Katies, Stormy Sue, Judders Girl, Mikos Molly (W), Rocket Rita (W).

8.40 (500); Fast Defector, Parkfield Judge, Swift Roxy, Russanda Rooney, Ciarans Socks, Guinness (W).

8.55 (500); Reus Beauty, Yellow Submarine, Myth Or Legend, Nonas Curls, Hurry On Blue, Lotto Ella (W).

9.10 (500): Rhincrew Gemma, Knockavon Silver, Reus Blue, Whinmoor Fifi, Melbourne Lad, Stepaside Doll (W).

9.25 (500): Robinho, Game Destiny, Go Green, Hurry On Niamh, Born Winner, Really Vegas (W).

9.40 (500); Lusty Lord, Magna Chello, Let It Rayyan, Ellis Girl, Mucky Magic, Shades Of Jonah (W).

9.55 (500); Josh You Are, Indi Pindi, Jeninsky, Pennys Triton, Royal Day (W), Runaround Paul (W).

10.10 (500): Prussian Blueboy, Gerros Shankly, Preston Frost, Linfit Morley, Tarsna Rumble, Murphs Dog (W).

10.25 (500); Magna Fiddler, Doyeheadin, Miaton Joe, Limited Options, Slaneyside Pudsy, Sheffield Sash (W).

10.40 (500); Rubio, Magna Hawk, Go Sonny Go, Azzurri Rocket, Parkfield Alice, Weekend Warrior (W).

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