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Entries have started to flood in for theDaiwa-sponsored Green Un Club Match Angler Championship semi-final on Monday May 5 at Lodge Farm and it must be stressed that stragglers will be disappointed.

The match is limited to 120 pegs and these will be allocated to the first 120 anglers who pay their money to the match organiser Geoff Hurt, 36 Hazelbarrow Road, Jordanthorpe, Sheffield, S8 8AW.

You may speak to Geoff on 07921 166136 but only during sensible hours, please!

Entry costs £20 including pools and there will be an optional super pool of £5 on the day. Entrants must provide their name, address and a contact phone number with each application.

The match is being staged over four lakes, Signal, Field, Long Island and Lilly and there will be no split sections. Sections will be five or six pegs maximum and it is the section winners who progresses to the final where £3,000 of Daiwa-sponsored prizes will be up for grabs.

The final is scheduled for Sykehouse Fisheries on Sunday June 8.

All contestants must check out and abide by the fishery rules. Key points to take on board are no floating baits of any description, fishery feed pellets only, barbless hooks, a minimum of two keepnets and a pole limit of 14.5 metres.

Full details are available on the fishery web site:

Breakfasts will be available in the cafe from 7am.

The draw will commence at 8am with fishing from 10am till 4pm.

* If your name is among our list of qualifiers, below, fill in the form which will be printed in The Star Grass Roots sport pull-out on Friday, April 4 and post it off to the match organiser: Adcock, Glen; Alcock, Steve; Bailey, Mick; Barker, Mel; Barnes, Steve; Bates, Andy; Baxter, Brian; Beckett, Des; Bentley, Chris; Bentley, Roger; Bestall, Steve; Billen, Marcus; Billups, Steve; Binns, Lee; Blakesley, Andy; Bows, Mark; Briggs, Mick; Brooks, Tony; Buckler, Mick; Buffon, Alan; Burgin, Rob; Burke, Mark; Burkinshaw, Matt; Cardwell, Dean; Carthy, Rob; Chambers, Roy; Chapman, Phil; Chisholme, John; Chorlton, Ray; Clark, Jeff; Coleman, Steve; Collinson, Shane; Copnell, Tony; Cowley, Alan; Crampton, Andy; Craven, Gary; Creighton, Andy; Crookes, Paul; Crossley, Neil; Crowther, Les; Cutts, Trevor; Czajkowski, Dave; Danforth, Sam; Dawson, Graham; Dawson, Mick; Dawson, Pete; Devine, Dave; Devlin, Andy; Didlock, C; Dodson, Mark; Donovan, Paul; Driver, Fred; Edwards, Ashley; Edwards, John; Elliott, Dave; Evason, Jack; Fawcett, Trevor; Fearn, Steve; Flynn, Keran; Foster, Rodger; Foster, Steve; Fox, Dave; Francis, Steve; Furniss, Andy; Gibson, Roy; Golland, Tom; Gorman, Paul; Gosney, Pete; Graham, Scott; Gregory, Brian; Gregory, Dean; Gregory, Paul; Griffin, Pete; Hague, Martin; Hall, Jamie; Hardy, Shaun; Hartley, Martin; Hattersley, Phil; Hawkins, Andy; Haywood, Chris; Hemmingham, Paul; Herring, Dave; Hill, Keith; Hill, Rodger; Hogan, Keiran; Holbery, Steve; Holmes, Mark; Hopkin, Steve; Howell, Kev; Humphreys, Mick; Hurt, Geoff; Hurt, Pauline; Hutchinson, Logan; Irving, Phil; Jackson, Kev; Jackson, Ricky; Johnson, Danny; Jones, Les;

Lackenby, Dave; Lambley, Steve; Law, Shane; Leadwood, Frank; Lee, John; Lee, Jonathan; Leigh, Trevor; Leng, Steve; Lindley, Gareth; Loosemore, Warren; Lucas, Stuart; Lunn, Dave; Massey, Paul; Mathews, Gary; McCurdy, Alf; McGrath, Tommy; Mitchell, Ron; Moat, Barry; Molyneux, Dave; Molyneux, Vic; Munaser, Faisel; Munaser, Omar; Newbound, Steve; Newsome, Steve; Newton, Jay; Nicholson, Howard; Nightingale, Ray; Oldfield, Paul; Oldfield, Terry; Owen, Barry; Owen, Mick; Owen, Neil; Palmer, Matt; Palmer, Roy; Parker, Keith; Parkes, Gig; Parkes, Kev; Parkin, Phil;Parkin, Trevor; Parsisson, Craig; Pearson, Dave; Pearson, John; Pinder, Andy; Poss, Mick; Pridmore, Colin; Proffitt, Greg; Proffitt, Nigel; Reynolds, Dave; Richardson, Scott; Robinson, Dean; Roden, Eddie; Roper, Albert; Ross, George; Sanders, Shaun; Saxton, Malcolm; Sayles, David; Sayles, Frank; Schofield, Dave; Searle, Brian; Searle, Mick; Shaw, Adam; Shaw, Jim; Shaw, Mick; Shaw, Pete; Sheldon, Vic; Shone, Ray; Simpson, Gary; Sissons, Paul; Smith, Andy; Smith, Stewart; Soar, Barry; Speechley, Jack; Spencer, Wayne; Spooner, Pete; Stanley, Pete; Stephanovic, Eddie; Stephenson, Barry; Stokes, Steven; Stones, Neil; Tate, Mel; Taylor, Geoff; Thomas, Lewis; Thomas, Paul; Tollerfield, Dave; Tomkinson, Dave; Tunstall, John; Turner, Paul; Wadsworth, Dave; Wagstaffe, Corrie; Wainright, Dave; Walker, Steve; Walsh, Jim; Walton, Ken; Ward, Richard; Wardle, Richard; Warren, Tony; Wasden, Simon; Webster, Graham; West, Martyn; Whitam, Steve; Wilburn, Andy; Wilkinson, Dave; Wilkinson, Gareth; Williams, Elliott; Willis, Steve; Wooldridge, Alan; Wooton, Terry; Wragg, Mark.