VIDEO: Sheffield Wednesday - Gray on Owls shortlist

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Stuart Gray is on the Wednesday shortlist after impressing Milan Mandaric.

The Owls chairman is also weighing up the pros and cons of appointing Neil Warnock.

Stuart Gray is in charge again for the Forest game tomorrow

Stuart Gray is in charge again for the Forest game tomorrow

Mandaric knows that if Warnock got the job then it would probably divide the fan base because of his Sheffield United background.

Owls left back Joe Mattock, who also played on loan for the Blades in early 2011, is “unsure” about how it would work out if Warnock came to Hillsborough and believes the players “wouldn’t be disappointed” if Gray was given the job.

Mandaric told The Star last night: “I am putting Stuart on the shortlist. He deserves it.

“As far as Neil is concerned, I am very much aware of the emotions of some of our supporters.”

The chairman is a believer in unity and wants everyone to be pulling together at a difficult time.

He is wary of disrupting Hillsborough togetherness but is equally aware of Warnock’s managerial record.

A decision has yet to be made, and Mandaric is declining to comment on the current size or composition of the shortlist.

The team’s performance against Leicester was an excellent start for Gray as caretaker boss and he has been put in charge for the home game against Forest.

Mattock commented: “The players are comfortable with Stuart.

“He knows what we want. He’s been with us for a while now. Obviously he’s always going to have his opinions.

“He’s been given the chance in the last game; maybe he’ll get the chance in the future. I think maybe the lads would like to see that.

“I think he’s confident in himself.

“If he can get another chance and we can get another win, that would help him massively.”

When asked about Warnock, Mattock said: “I’m not too sure. From what I know, he’s from the other side of Sheffield. I don’t know how well that would go down with the fans.

“So I’m not sure he would be the right man. If he did come I’d give 100 per cent. At the moment we’re going to focus on what Stuart has in line for us and hopefully keep playing well for him.”