VIDEO: Owls boss needs some luck

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Sheffield Wednesday are, at the moment, in a league of their own. No other team in the four divisions has won fewer - you can’t get fewer than none - no other side drawn more. Derby County have lost as many as Wednesday and conceded more goals - and they are in eighth, just outside the play-off positions.

Hard-bitten Wednesdayites might tell you different but from the outside and from the TV highlights they seem to have been victims of a series of bad refereeing decisions and, being honest, rank bad luck.

Sheffield Wednesday boss Dave Jones

Sheffield Wednesday boss Dave Jones

That will sound like whistling in the dark to those desperate for change and to see Milan Mandaric do something, anything, to alleviate the malaise.

But with a fair wind and a few decisions Wednesday would be comfortably mid-table. Seven of their results have been one-one draws.

With a lucky break in three of those games they could be in mid-table - hardly inspiring but much less of a crisis.

Within seconds of a win at Brighton, could have beaten Leeds, should have murdered Bolton a clear penalty denied at Barnsley.

In the real world though it doesn’t matter why you are bottom of the league, it only matters that you are.

On the one hand they aren’t far off. On the other they’re losing ground at the foot of the table and once you’re down there it’s a devil of a job to get out.

Mandaric will keep patience with Dave Jones for so long but the Owls manager needs to find some luck from somewhere - and fast.

n He appears to be a decent bloke and he’s certainly a top goalkeeper but Joe Hart gives hope to every duff footballer in the country.

All those lumbering pub-team centre-halves, every can’t-catch keeper on every park in Britain would have been cheered and appalled.

When two players earning roughly ten million quid a year between them can mess upon such a catastrophic scale as the Manchester City pair did on Sunday it gives hope to every defence in the land.

Such situations are usually dealt with at a lower level by a shouting match in the dressing room and a laugh in the pub after - and weeks of micky-taking.

Wonder if Hart and Matija Nastasic had a pint and a chuckle after their communication cock-up at Chelsea on Sunday?

Perhaps not.