Takeovers and history repeating itself

Milan Mandaric and Dave Jones
Milan Mandaric and Dave Jones
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How many Wednesdayites shuddered when they heard the news, writes MARTIN SMITH.

After 2010’s three-month climax to a decade of doubt the ownership nightmare of the club was finally resolved.

The debt was largely taken care of - thanks to Milan Mandaric and fans’ and directors’ co-operation with loans, debts and share holdings - the club was on a sound footing with a man in charge who could take the club on to greater things. Or so we thought.

Now, less than three years later the ownership issue rears it’s multi-headed self again.

Milan Mandaric is open to sensible offers in the interests of the club.

Plausible names front anonymous consortia with money in far-flung and non-specific places.

Surely the club and its fans don’t need all that again.

Mandaric and Jones got the team up and survived the first season in the Championship.

Mission accomplished so far.

If in a year’s time the club hasn’t gone anywhere then a look at new blood and fresh investment might be appropriate.

It brought it back all too clearly. Those early morning gushes of self-congratulation and indulgence - the BBC and the flamin’ Olympics.

One year after they had us cringeing before our radios as they wallowed in the glory of the Games, they fell in love all over again with their own reflections in the golden sheen of Olympic success.

Yes I’m jealous and yes it would have been a fantastic experience to have been involved so closely in such a historic event.

But give us a break.

Radio Five Live’s coverage of the Anniversary Games over the weekend and yesterday morning recalled many of those toe-curlingly awkward moments when as they reeled out their memories again and again like teenagers back from their first festival.

We get it.

It was great, you were there and we weren’t. We want to know about Farrar, Ennis and David Weir and their feelings a year on but we’ve heard enough about George Riley, Rachel Burden and Nicky Campbell to last us until Rio 2016.

When we will no doubt have to hear it all again.