Sheffield Wednesday: Jones blasts ‘sloppy Owls’

Furious Owls boss Dave Jones shouts instructions at Pride Park
Furious Owls boss Dave Jones shouts instructions at Pride Park
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Dave Jones will today conduct an inquest into the Owls’ failure at Derby.

Their best performance of the season, the 5-2 win against Reading, was followed by one of the worst as they crashed 3-0.

Jones was angered by the display and will sit the players through a re-run of Saturday’s failings.

He said: “People in the dressing room will be saying ‘it wasn’t me’, but the video won’t lie.

“We’d come off the back of a fantastic victory; we worked them so hard all week and the training was electric. So I didn’t expect this.

“You have to turn up on the day and win a battle. If you’re finding it tough going, you dig in; you fight and scrap.

“One or two went missing, didn’t get back in position quickly enough - that’s not like them.”

Jones was critical of the way the team conceded set pieces, which led to Derby taking the lead, and with a lack of defensive cover and communication when the Rams scored their second and third goals.

He added: “As much as everything went right for us in the Reading game, it certainly went wrong in this one.

“It might just be a shot across the bows for one or two.

“We had our programme set (for this week); we were going to work on other bits; we might just have to work on other things we thought we’d got over.

“The second and third goals were just lack of communication and recovery.

“The first goal was a poor one to give away (from a corner) but we kept giving the ball to them and giving them a free kick or corner, so they were able to put the ball into our box under no pressure.”

He also said: “We didn’t get a cross into their box until the 26th minute. We didn’t drive at them. Too many people got caught on the ball; we were sloppy with it, lazy.

“They probably thought we’d just turn up and because of last week it’d happen for us.

“The more personal battles you win on the pitch, the better chance you have of winning; probably there were only a couple who did that.”