SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY: Give the manager time to pull the ship around

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THE FANS debate of whether Dave Jones should stay in post at Sheffield Wednesday continues to be the issue of the day on local websites.

Some Owls fans had been hoping he will get axed this week. But Heavenly Owl posted on “We have been screaming for the heads of more managers than I care to remember all of whom came to the club either as the ‘right man to take the club forward’ or the “best appointment for the future of Wednesday.” Remember Pleat, Wilson, Jewell, Shreeves, Yorath, Turner, Sturrock, Laws, Irvine?

“All sacked after failure and fans baying for blood. So if Jones goes, who comes in? I’ve never yet seen a valid argument for another manager.” City Boy adopted a contrary stance, though.

“His signings have not worked, his team is on the verge of breaking records for all the wrong reasons, attendances are down, and most importantly, relegation looms.”

On Owls Talk, Great Big Galaa posted: “Jones is asking for more time and I have to agree with a lot of the points he was making. Changing managers left, right and centre hasn’t helped over the years. Most us accept that at some stage we have to let someone build the club and that will take longer than 12-18 months.

“We’ve struggled at this level of football for the best part of 15 years. Jones is arguably the best manager in terms of pedigree who we have had working for us at this level (Megson only managed us in League 1.) However hard it is at the moment I can’t get away from the nagging feeling that somewhere along the line we have to give a manager a significant amount of time if we are going to get out of this cycle.

Another Owls Talk poster nicknamed ‘Distraught’ summed up: “We are in a small group of four teams in which we have to aim for the top spot. If life is difficult for us, it is no easier for the other three. “Bristol City may be a couple of points above us but that is hardly consequential with half the season remaining. And that is not counting other teams that may be pulled into it. So it is not as bleak as it would first appear.”