SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY: Fans ‘thick’ blasts Jay

Jay Bothroyd
Jay Bothroyd
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OWLS striker Jay Bothroyd is at the centre of controversy after being involved in a row with fans on the internet.

After some booed him when he was taken off at Hillsborough on Saturday he also received criticism on social media - including some abuse.

It prompted him to defend himself and refer to a small number of critics as “thick” - a Twitter post that is understood to have been made in the heat of the moment and was quickly withdrawn.

The affair has split fans’ opinion and caused a lively exchange of views on the internet .

Some fans support Bothroyd and think that the booing and written flak aimed at him went too far. Others back it or question whether he should have responded in such a way.

When he was taken off in the 75th minute, supporters were unaware that he had been carrying an injury.

He twisted his knee in the first half and Dave Jones said afterwards that rather than keep him off at half time, it was decided to see how long he could last before being taken off. In one swear laden post on Twitter, Bothroyd said: “How can you say I don’t care? You lot are ------- thick....the select few obviously.” This post was removed. Others said:

“Bit of effort? I won every flick-on. Should I get my own flicks as well? I’ll accept criticism. Today I don’t deserve it.

“Boo all you want. I didn’t get any chances. I was up top alone and I hobbled off because I was injured.”

He signed off by saying: “I’m going to stop interacting with the fans until the stupid ones stop tweeting rubbish. Apologies to all the good fans and thanks.”

Dave Jones, after Saturday’s game and before the controversy cropped up, appealed for togetherness and patience after the team lost for the fourth game in a row, 2-1 to Bolton.

Gary Madine, who has lost his place in the side, tweeted: “Thought we deserved more. Now is the time we need everybody to stick together. We will come good.”

Bothroyd’s injury could rule him out of tomorrow’s Capital One Cup tie at Southampton, along with Rhys McCabe, who has a thigh injury.