Misery for Megson as he frees skipper

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GARY Megson has revealed that telling captain Tommy Miller of his release has been his most unpleasant task as Owls manager.

The midfield player is rated by the Wednesday boss as a terrific character.

But Miller and Richard Hinds are being freed, as the club look to bring in new blood this summer.

New deals are to be offered to the other three out-of-contract players, Jermaine Johnson, Lewis Buxton and James O’Connor.

Megson cannot just offload players who are under contract. He explained: “I’m wanting to bring people in, and we can’t have too big a squad of players.

“They’re difficult decisions, certainly in Tommy’s case, but I’ve got players who are under contract that we can’t do anything with unless they choose to move and get the opportunity.

“I do need to change things. Unfortunately, you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

“Tommy is a terrific lad. I’ve told him I’ll give him any help or reference that I can - the same with Richard.” Megson also revealed that Hinds was told of his fate six weeks ago.

Megson also said that the new contract offers will reflect the club’s status: “None of them will be able to retire on the offers that are going to be made, because we’re a League One club. We have to cut our cloth accordingly.

“The players will be made offers but with a rider that we are looking for other players. If we bring them in in their position while they are thinking about it we’ll obviously have to withdraw that offer.

“We can’t have too many of the same type stacking up at the club.

“I have to do my job. At times it’s not enjoyable. Talking to Tommy Miller certainly wasn’t enjoyable - it was the worst thing I’ve had to do since I’ve been here. But I have to do my job on what I believe is best for Wednesday.”