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Choice words: Gary Megson confronts referee Chris Sarginson after his dismissal at Wycombe
Choice words: Gary Megson confronts referee Chris Sarginson after his dismissal at Wycombe
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GARY Megson says that he and Gary Madine must learn from their sendings-off.

The Wednesday manager is vowing to curb bad language that he admits to using on the touchline.

He also feels that Madine’s £500 fine and one-match ban for his reaction to a red card at Carlisle will teach the striker to be more careful.

Megson escaped FA action after his dismissal at Wycombe but has been officially warned about his future conduct.

Speaking about the outcome of the disciplinary process for the first time, the Owls chief said: “Gary is a young lad. He got a bit hot-headed during the game, probably understandably because he was going back to his old club.

“In my view he shouldn’t have been sent off. He’s kicked fresh air, got sent off, got the hump and said something to the referee.

“It doesn’t help Gaz, it doesn’t help us.

“It’s the same with myself. I was told to leave the line on Saturday, but it’s borne out of frustration, because I’m exactly the same person as when I was at Bolton in the Premier League and doing exactly the same things, and never once was spoken to or sent off.

“It’s just a bit different down at this level, and I have to calm down a bit, I suppose.”

Megson was angered because Rob Jones had to go off the pitch because of what he regarded as a trivial cut; the Owls manager was also warned about leaving the technical area, and he was told that a fan had complained to a steward about his language.

Megson admitted

his language was “poor,” and he adds: “It’s something I need to cut out a little bit.

“I haven’t worked at this level for a long time. The way I worked at a higher level maybe needs to be tempered here.”

The Owls chief also said that Madine’s aggressive attitude to

wards the referee “wasn’t the best ... but the fact that he’s gone down there [to an FA hearing] and got the extra game is something he needs to learn from, and we all need to learn from that.

“Whether you think the ref is right or whether you think he’s wrong, he is in charge.”

Megson feels that he is having to adjust to what he regards as a stricter implementation of discipline by referees, compared to what he

expe rienced in the top flight, and to smaller grounds where he finds himself accidentally stepping out of the technical area.

The Owls boss added: “My language is something I need to sort out, because I’m not proud of it. I sometimes turn round, especially at Wednesday, and there’s kids there. I shouldn’t do it but in the heat of the moment, I do say things.”