Megson’s job is under spotlight

We looked poor: Gary Megson
We looked poor: Gary Megson
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GARY Megson admits he is coming under scrutiny after Wednesday lost last night for the second game in a row.

But he retains faith in his players and is urging them to greater efforts after their 2-1 slip-up at Bury.

“I’d said to the lads they are not brought here because we want them to have a nice training ground and stadium and a great following; they’ve got to turn up and play,” he said.

“Alan Irvine left - that [last night’s performance] will put me under pressure now. The players have got to start performing something like I know they can. On August 6 against Rochdale they looked a good team. We said to the players before we started that whenever we play it will, certainly away from home, be the opposition’s biggest game of the season and we have to fight fire with fire. Initally we did ok. But the first opportunity Bury get to cause us one or two issues, it was so soft it was untrue. We pay the players better than anybody else in Division One, they are treated better than anybody else in Division One, they’ve got to play better than anybody else in Division One.

“If I’ve signed bad players then fine, that’s my fault and I will go, but I don’t believe I have because of the performance against Rochdale. But a one-off isn’t what’s required. We now got two home games in the league and we’ve got to start winning them.”

Megson said Nicky Weaver was ruled out by a knee injury, the decision to play Chris O’Grady backfired as he had to go off early with his heel problem, and Rob Jones went off with double vision.

He said the team “chucked away” the two goals:

“The first one, Rob Jones is dragged out of the middle, it’s not a good cross and we’re nowhere near it.

“For the second one, Reda Johnson has got too close to the lad and he’s turned him; it’s a pub goal.

“Where this has come from I don’t know. Against Rochdale on the first day of the season we looked really good. Ten days later we look really poor, certainly in the first 45 minutes.

“Once we got after it in the second half and played with a bit of desire and tempo, we got oursleves back into it.

“But we’ve got to do a lot more than that. I find that all we’re doing is leathering it up to Gary Madine and hoping something falls from that.

“Peter Sweeney is a talented lad but we made him look like Kaka.”