England’s next manager? You’ve got to be joking

Fun time: Gary Megson says an England manager should like humour
Fun time: Gary Megson says an England manager should like humour
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ENGLAND’S new manager should be English and possess a sense of humour, believes Gary Megson.

Not that he believes the job is a laughing matter.

But the Wednesday boss feels that after the reign of Fabio Capello the country would be best served by someone who can provide a lighter touch while also giving full reign to our top players.

It takes an Englishman to understand the English character, he believes.

“I never thought a foreign manager should be doing the job anyway,” he said.

“If an England team wins the World Cup with a Spanish coach, does that mean he’s played a big part in it?

“I hope they get someone with a bit of personality, someone who likes a bit of humour, someone who lets the players play, and treats them as grown-ups and human beings.

“Yes, you have to have a team shape and get them organised, but we have some of the world’s best players, in my view, and they don’t particularly need coaching.”

Megson prefers not to advocate any particular candidate but he says: “As England manager you’re given a fantastic opportunity with the players you’ve got. Football is all about the players; international football even more so.

“When you have the quality that we’ve got in this country, you keep them fit, get them organised, have someone on the sidelines who knows the squad. This is no reflection on other people. I just think that European football is very similar until you cross the channel - then it’s entirely different.

“We play it different. We’ve got different personalities from most in Europe. Get somebody who understands that and brings in a bit of humour. I don’t mean have Coco the Clown there - get somebody who lets the players play.

“Most experienced English managers would fit into that category.”

Megson says he is not angling for the job: “Nor would I ever get even close to it.

“Every Englishman should want to manage his country. There are a lot of things that go into whether you’re offered it, the first being whether you’re good enough. You have to have worked at a really high level. I have my own views - it’s not to say they’re right - about the type of person who should get the job.”

Megson also feels that English coaches are as good as or better than those abroad - a view reinforced when he went to Brondby, Denmark, as part of his Pro Licence course - and that they could succeed abroad if they spoke the local language as do foreign coaches in England.

Megson also welcomed the clearing of chairman Milan Mandaric, who was found not guilty of tax evasion: “Talking to Milan over the last few months, he’s been fine, no different; I’m sure inside he has been. What I think is good for everybody is that it’s over and done.

“He has missed quite a few games because of preparation for that (the court case); it’s a credit to him that it didn’t have any impact on Sheffield Wednesday.”

Last night Mandaric said he favoured Harry Redknapp for the England job.