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Alan Kelly, goalkeeper for the Blades
Alan Kelly, goalkeeper for the Blades
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IT’S one of the most popular and enduring debates among football fans everywhere - what’s your best ever team?

The arguments will rage among mates in the pub as to who are the best players to have played at your club.

Ron Springett  former Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper

Ron Springett former Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper

Well, we want you to tell us your very own Dream Team.

We are calling on the followers of Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday to tell us who would be in your best ever side if you had the choice of all the players who have worn the famous stripes, be they the red and white or the blue and white, since the Second World War.

So, we are looking for your Sheffield United Dream Team and your Sheffield Wednesday Dream Team.

Starting on Tuesday, we shall be inviting you to let us know, every week, which player you would pick for each of the 11 places in your team. We’ll begin with the goalkeeper then the following week it will be right-back, the week after that a central defender,and so on.

To jog your memory, we will offer up every week four past stars from each club for each position and will even pop in some other names too.

For example, when we start with the goalkeepers next Monday we’d expect Blades fans to be considering players like Alan Hodgkinson, Alan Kelly and Paddy Kenny.

Owls fans will ponder the merits of Ron Springett, Martin Hodge and Chris Woods among others.

But it will be your choice - and the player who gets the most votes will fill that position in the Dream Team.

So make a date with us and begin picking the Dream Team for your club. At the end of it all, we will have two very special teams from the stars who have played for United and Wednesday.

In Tuesday’s sport section will be full details of how you can let us have your choice.

Happy voting!