Twitter reaction to Sheffield United’s Ched Evans decision to retract training offer

Ched Evans in action for Sheffield United
Ched Evans in action for Sheffield United
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For me absolutely the right decision. He needs to focus on clearing his name. We are a decent club.


I’m not happy with this decision. But #sufc comes first. People claiming to be ‘real fans’ hoping he scores against us?? #stfu #GetAGrip


Anyway, time to move on. Whole Ched situation has been a PR disaster for us. Let’s now 100% focus on getting out of this poor league. #sufc


Fully understand the decision! However, I hope those who left during the heat, don’t return! You support a club, not one player.. #sufc #utb


The thing that hurts the most is that the clubs name’s been dragged through the sh*t, fans divided and for what? Absolutely nothing.


absolutely gutted, wanted him back more than anybody. however,probably the right decision all in all with everything that has gone off #sufc


No one individual is bigger than our club , and nobody is worth having this club dragged through the mud for as it has been #sufc


What’s the point in serving your time (if he’s even really guilty) and not be allowed to return to work. What a Joke. #SUFC


was against him coming back, but clearly the media was going to attack United whatever the decision, now I’m annoyed we’ve let him go #sufc


Flapping & on back foot throughout sorry saga but sense prevails and no shame in U-turn. Big picture, look forward, back current team #sufc


Decision made now we need to forget about ched and focus on football, will not be happy if the patrons return though! #sufc


Oh for a Chairman like Dave Whelan. Sticks up two fingers to the do-gooders & puts his Club first #sufc #twitterblades


Can’t believe some of the things I’ve read from fans of the club. Asking the board to resign..really? No one is bigger than the club! #sufc


Good statement. Time to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and sign some players who can help get us up. #sufc


We are not and never have been a rehab center. Family football club. Don’t like it? Don’t go. i’ll still be there


Im more p***ed off at the club for not having signed one decent striker in the 2 and a half years since Ched went down


Iv always thought #SUFC was a strong club and stood up to the haters .... Regardless of my opinion on the matter they’ve bottled it big time


The #sufc @JamesDPhipps have let us down. It’s not the decision itself but the fact that they have dragged my club (not theirs) thru the mud


SUFC Board’s original just and principled stand crumbles. Lily livered jelly bellies. What leadership. #twitterblades #SUFC


In the best interests of the club????? The fans are the club...We have had no say in this cowardly decision #sufc


I sincerely hope the “famous” patrons of the club never step foot in Bramall Lane again as in my eyes they are not welcome


Sheffield United is one of the worst run club around and has been for a long time, the board should be ashamed of themselves


Can’t wait for Saturday. Let’s get back in headlines for what’s happening on the pitch, time to move on #twitterblades


Somehow I still don’t think this will be the end of the ‘Ched’ saga. For now I feel let down by the board.


@JamesDPhipps you might have pleased the papers and famous people but hoping you’ve got a cracking striker lined up for us loyal fans #sufc


Welldone to the blades tonight, a statement that was a long time coming #UTB #myclubmyfamily #twitterblades


The ‘problem’ doesn’t go away now though does it, so will Webster, Ennis and co kick up a fuss when he signs for Bury? #SUFC #twitterblades


Ridiculous that @SUFC_tweets aren’t even allowing Evans to train. Any other convict would be encouraged back to work. Grow some b**ls #sufc


Personally, I don’t think we needed to sign Ched, I think it’s just the fact that we’re desperate for a striker #twitterblades


They didn’t expect the backlash, so what are they expecting now? The real fans should of had a say #hypocrites #sufc #twitterblades


Best fans in the land... Worse run club in the land!!! #sufc #twitterblades


All the best to Ched with his appeal. But the right decision has been made in the interests of the club #sufc