Swindon Town 5 Sheffield United 5 (agg 7-6) - Fans’ online reaction

Nathan Byrne and  Ryan Flynn battle for the ball
Nathan Byrne and Ryan Flynn battle for the ball
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Sheffield United’s play off heartache continued after an incredible 5-5 draw with Swindon Town at the County Ground.

Trailing 2-1 from the first leg at Bramall Lane, the Blades were always chasing the tie and after an unbelievable 98 minutes of football in Wilshire they finally bowed out.


Full Time Report: Swindon 5 Sheffield United 5 (agg 7-6)

Here’s how fans reacted afterwards...

@SufcLee - Yes Defence would make a pub team embarrassed but no one can be critical of the spirit 5-5 (7-6) from 3-0 (5-1) down #twitterblades@bensonboy82 - Don’t want clough out but I wanna see a settled 11. with players in their own positions. #twitterblades

@TomBennett__ - It does just go to show what our forward line can do if there allowed to! #TwitterBlades

@SavChamberlain - Brilliant support, ten mins in never expected it to finish a draw, frustrating to get so close, onwards and upwards... #twitterblades #sufc

@tharshansufc - You can’t deny we’re almost there. We just need two experienced centre backs, who are actually centre backs.. #sufc #twitterblades

@Athersstylist - Interesting summer ahead. Wouldn’t press panic button myself but a clear transfer plan and done early needed #sufc #twitterblades

@UrbaneFoxx - Players proven they want to play for Clough. Back him with quality defenders next year - not top by January; re-consider. #twitterblades

@PaulHolmshaw - Can’t help but think that with the strength of Collins at CB, Doyle in the middle & Adams on earlier we’d be in the final #twitterblades

@ChrisCowie85 - It’s going to take a couple of months to recharge the batteries and come back again next season. A lot of changes are needed. #SUFC

@_joannelisa - Is it possible to absolutely love and absolutely hate the same thing at once? #sufc

@RefereeKarl - I’d personally see Warnock back! Unreal effort tonight, but defending simply not good enough! #CloughOut #SUFC #TwitterBlades

@jack_broad - Embarrassing defending, but then gave us hope which only made it worse! Not enthusiastic about another season in LG 1 #sufc #twitterblades

@monkeynutz75 - No matter who is in charge we always bottle it when it matters. Three failed play off campaigns out of three in L1 is embarrassing.

@ashc82 - I don’t like us being in league 1 but some hope for next year. Reed, Adams, James Wallace, Done, we haven’t seen their full potential