So much stress caused by the state of undress

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OKAY, so it might not be the most serious indiscretion in football.

It doesn’t harm anybody, leave a fellow professional battling to save their career or, unless you’re called Jon Parkin or James Shield, cause any type of offence.

But if there’s one thing guaranteed to get my blood boiling - and which I’m guessing most managers would love to rid from the game - it’s the sight of a player removing their jersey after scoring a goal.

Why, oh why, oh why?

Especially when they know that a yellow card is destined to follow.

Because, let’s be frank, seeing one of their number being cautioned for something so avoidable and petty must make a coach absolutely steam.

Especially when, under the totting-up procedure, they later miss a crucial match due to being banned.

Earlier this week, Sheffield United’s Danny Wilson spoke of his irritation that those guilty of reckless challenges or deliberate fouls can be subject to exactly the same sanction as someone who kicks the ball away in anger or tugs on a marker’s shirt.

The United chief’s frustration was understandable given that Kevin McDonald, potentially the most influential member of his squad, is almost certain to miss tomorrow’s game against League One leaders Tranmere Rovers after being caught by Carlisle’s Danny Cadamarteri during last Saturday’s victory at Brunton Park.

However, hopefully Wilson is equally as annoyed with the likes of Shaun Miller.

The former Crewe Alexandra striker always seems like a thoroughly nice chap. Damn good centre-forward too.

But he’s also one of several United players whose names have recently been taken by referees for deciding the best way to celebrate victory is charging around topless.

Completely and utterly pointless.

And, unlike a cynical foul or blatant time-wasting, it serves absolutely no discernible purpose.

Hands up who comemmorates completing a task in the office by doing a lap of the coffee machine semi-naked? Quite.

Oh for the days when a simple nod and firm handshake would suffice.

Seriously, though, such moments of rashness could have serious consequences later on in a campaign. Attention to detail, especially when the margin for error is uncomfortably slim, is what potentially separates winners from losers.

Now, I’m not advocating lengthy suspensions or hefty fines for those guilty of taking off their shirt after finding the back of the opposition net.

The punishment should fit the crime.

If footballers want to behave like a naughty schoolboy then I’d treat them like one. Anyone remember those excruciating days when, in the absence of the correct apparel, you had to complete a PE lesson wearing items plucked from the lost property box?

If fashion-conscious players had to finish a fixture wearing Green Flash trainers and a faded Bros T-shirt then they might think twice.