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UNPALATABLE: Danny Wilson and his players could do without being reminded of May’s League One play-off final with Huddersfield. Unfortunately, the coach ferrying them to Monday’s match at Ta’Qali drove right past the Wembley Ice Cream Factory.

IF ONLY: Chris Morgan told United’s media team he was “satisfied” with the team’s performance during Monday’s 6-0 rout of “Zenit.” Satisfied? If Wilson’s players had just beaten Zenit he should have been positively ecstatic. Unfortunately wins over Zejtun Corinthians don’t resonate as much as ones against Luciano Spalletti’s St Petersburg powerhouses.

OLD HAT: Latest signing Darryl Westlake revealed earlier this week he had belted out an R Kelly number as part of his initiation into the United camp. Posters announcing that Smokey will be visiting Malta shortly don’t seem to have created muich of a stir among the League One club’s touring party. Soft rock is clearly a ‘no no’ in their dressing room.