Sheffield United: ‘Not good enough’ as United slip to defeat No 4

Sheffield United
Sheffield United
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David Weir, the Sheffield United manager, ordered his players to ‘take a look at themselves’ following Saturday’s South Yorkshire derby at New York Stadium.

Second-half goals from Kieran Agard, Daniel Nardiello (penalty) and Rob Milsom saw Rotherham United condemn the visitors to their fourth defeat of the new League One season

Prince Abdullah bin Mosaad bin Abdulaziz Al Saud’s arrival at Bramall Lane - the Saudi Arabian will make a multi-million-pound investment in first-team affairs after being gifted 50 per cent of the football club’s parent company - has equipped United with the financial muscle required to overhaul their squad.

But Weir, insisting it would be a grave mistake to regard the prince’s money as a miracle cure, said: “The transfer market is not the only answer. Sometimes, you’ve got to look at yourself first.

“It’s not just a matter of bringing in new players. First and foremost you’ve got to ask yourself, what can I do better? How can I improve?

“We have to look at how we are portraying ourselves.

“The state of mind has to be up to winning games.

“The disparity between the first and second-half performances was very, very disappointing.

“Not good enough.

“You can’t expect to make the type of mistakes we made after the interval and then win games. Never.”

United seemed destined to secure all three points when Jose Baxter pounced from close range before the interval.

However, a catalogue of errors helped a rejuvenated Rotherham claim victory.

“It’s not a style (of football) that was responsible for that,” Weir added.

“It wasn’t good enough and we’ve clearly got a lot of work to do.

“We are not going to do ourselves any justice if all we focus on is the quick fix (of the transfer market).

“I’m clearly going to have to find a formula for winning games because this is a results-based business.

“And that, I know, is the tough part of the job.”