Sheffield United Fan’s View: Robinson misses the point

Stefan Scougall passes the ball home against MK Dons � BLADES SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY
Stefan Scougall passes the ball home against MK Dons � BLADES SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY
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Returning from Milton Keynes we listened to BBC 3 Counties Radio and an interview with Karl Robinson, says Matthew Bell.

He was bemoaning the fact that he was without three of his leading players (Gleason, Potter and Bowditch), that the state of the pitch prevented his team playing the way they wanted to, and that he accepted that MK Dons didn’t deserve to win but they might have got a draw.

He had a point with all three comments, but United were able to overcome both the absence of key players and the poor quality pitch. Harry Maguire, John Brayford and Jamie Murphy are as important to United as Robinson’s injured trio are to his team. Stefan Scougall’s goal belied the bumpy nature of the pitch, as it involved a quick turn and pass from Jose Baxter, another neat pass from Conor Coady and a Keith Edwards style finish from the new man.

Pass it into the net, out of the goalkeeper’s reach, is what natural finishers such as Edwards and Jimmy Greaves used to say. Scougall did just that, and with his ‘wrong’ foot too.

And that United were able to repel MK’s out-of-character aerial bombardment with a patched-up defence in the last fifteen minutes emphasises the belief that is flowing through the squad at the moment. Their resorting to this method of attack was the only time in the whole match that they had United in any sort of trouble, but Mark Howard and the men in front of him were superb.

Then the win over Peterborough, with an even more makeshift line-up, will have reinforced their belief.