Sheffield United Fan’s View: Brandy must keep cool

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It was a short-lived revival, but not as demoralising a defeat as some of the earlier ones this season and one that might have been avoided if Febian Brandy could keep his temper under control.

I’ve never been a believer in all this ‘heat of the moment’ rubbish. Footballers should always be aware of the consequences of their actions and they witness similar examples often enough, either live or on television, to know that raised hands equal a red card even when minimal contact is made.

Brandy’s second sending-off for violent conduct this season means a four game ban, so by the time he comes back he will have missed seven of the first eighteen or so games due to suspension. A player who misses over one third of the games because of his own stupidity is not much use to the team.

His first red card, against Milton Keynes, was more understandable as it came out of the frustration of missing an easy chance and then watching MK score the winner a minute later. But it was still unacceptable.

It also means his reputation will have been noted by both referees and opponents. Referees might not now give him the benefit of any doubt; opponents will love to wind him up to get a reaction.

There was a quotation from Matt Hill in Monday’s Star in which he said Brandy would ‘learn from that and come back better and stronger’. Well, that remains to be seen, but I’m not convinced it will happen.

It’s a pity, because we saw last April at Walsall how much damage Brandy can do when he’s on his game.