Please, please, United. No more play-off heartache

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Here we are Blades. Sheffield United, once again heading in to the play-offs.

Fair play to Sheffield Wednesday, they did the job when it mattered and we didn’t.

I’m sure some will disagree but the Owls I’ve spoken to and most definitely neutrals want both Sheffield teams in the Championship come next season.

The thing is, United seem to be cursed in the play-offs - in other words, they just don’t turn up. I don’t even want to think back to sitting in Wembley, head in hands, while watching us scrap around like a nervous Sunday League team in 2009 against Burnley.

Talk about football heartache.

I don’t need to go through anymore of our play-off mishaps. We are Blades, they are ingrained in our hearts.

No stats either about League One play-offs as none of them are in our favour.

Things have changed and hopefully Danny Wilson can control the nerves and inject the heart that is so desperately needed to gain promotion through the play-off route. Sheffield United are still favourites to move into the Championship.

Wilson needs to instill calm among the squad and handle the pressure that comes with the favourite tag.

Do we still believe? We have to. Although I’ve spoken to plenty who don’t. Fans play a part too and we need to play ours.

I’m still persuading my grandma to come to the final with me, hoping we get there, but she is still suffering. ‘I’ve supported United for over 60 years and I just feel so let down.’

It makes it worse, though, that my grandad is from the other side. An Owl. I think he may still be locked in the shed, which is where he’d been relegated to on Saturday, although with a smug promotion smile on his face.

I’m glad I was safely tucked away in Belfast presenting on the boxing, I avoided the reactive stick, although I was sat on the internet reading the updates, getting slowly more and more depressed.

Enough of the depression. I got my fair share coaching a group of eight teenagers in my project, Running For a Life as they sang in unison Sheffield Wednesday chants during the warm-up. They are all Arsenal fans apart from a lone Liverpool supporter.

The Blades are better than this. It doesn’t matter about past play-off results, although they are awful, not even scoring a goal in the three finals. What matters is now.

Form goes out of the window. It all comes back to ‘heart’ . United need to pick themselves up off the floor and get on with it. We are plenty good enough, with or without Ched Evans.

Third time lucky against Stevenage.

Their boss, Gary Smith, said he has the players on a diet of ‘raw meat and razor blades’ going into the play-offs.

I wonder what diet Wilson’s got the Blades on. We don’t need a diet of razor blades; we were born with them. I’m nervous as hell!

‘It’s not the size of a man but the size of his heart that matters.’ - Muhammad Ali