No hoof at the Lane, just neat, progressive football

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‘Nobody here is guaranteed a place.’

I like that quote from Danny Wilson this week and the fact that we have a ‘wealth of attacking options.’

Despite the fact that I (sure you are too) am feeling ever increasingly nervous right now about Sheffield United and our promotion. I actually feel really excited about our squad, our manager and the way the Blades are playing their football.

Ryan Flynn has stated this week that the display on the field isn’t what United are after and it’s all about points rather than performances.

To an extent I’m sure all Blades would rather put up with ugly football and win promotion than play a slick passing game and stay in League One.

When I was up at Bramall Lane over the New Year there was a lot of comment for the first time in a long time about the way United were playing football rather than just the table and promotion/play-off dog fight.

Recently though the questions have been raised over whether Sheffield United have not been as physical as deemed necessary by some... but do we actually need to be? I personally don’t think we do.

Wilson has changed the way we play football for the better and has brought in the results at the same time.

Resort back to the physical approach, add in an emphasis on the long ball and we may completely mess up our chances of getting out of this league. Flaws can be exposed through a physical game.

The best thing I like about United’s current approach is that for once it seems the club and the manager are thinking long term.

If we can get out of this League at the first time of asking and transfer the skill-set that we now have then I think we can move forward as a side and compete with the best.

And why not? We are improving, rebuilding and with it progressing.

You only have to look at Swansea and what Brendan Rodgers has done with the Welsh club.

The Swans play football, create chances and play out from the back with short passes.

Studies have shown that teams that work with possession are more successful in the long run. Swansea were in League One in the 2007-08 season! League One has changed so much over the last five years. The way to get promoted from League One used to be about hoofing the ball, grinding out the results through a physical game.

Now it’s playing football that gets a side promoted. Look at the teams that have recently gone through the leagues, Swansea, Norwich, Blackpool, they played teams off the park and bypassed the Leagues.

Previously it was seen that any football below the Championship was lumpy and ugly. There are so many big teams in League One now that is just not the case.

The difficulty comes when a team doesn’t want to play football and ‘parks the bus.’

However Sheffield United have displayed the most important thing, that we can adapt.

When we need to resort back to getting the job done the old fashioned way, we do.

The key is having both options and the Blades do, generally speaking.

We are getting there, progression and change takes time but it’s already paying off and will do in seasons to come if we stick with. I love a line that a Blade has written on one of the forums, NO HOOF AT THE LANE. I couldn’t agree more.