It was tantrum and tears when that pen went over

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How tough is this to write?

I was sure that it was our time; we would at last score in normal time of a play-off final and do the deed on the nervy day.

Even sitting at Wembley watching, I was convinced Sheffield United would break the deadlock and gain promotion to the Championship.

How wrong was I?

It still doesn’t bear thinking about.

I have to say, though, I think out of all Blades fans, I’m going to claim the most pain.

I had to not only leave Wembley at the start of extra time to go to Sky Sports News where I then watched the penalties live in the newsroom, I then had to go live on air afterwards and repeatedly watch the highlights of us lose.

To rub it in even further, I had to say ‘Huddersfield have been promoted to the Championship after beating Sheffield United 8-7 on penalties’ at least twice every hour from 8pm onwards and through the night. Oh, and SMILE.

When Steve Simonsen missed the vital last penalty, I jumped up, shouted, had tears in my ears and then threw my bag across the room, knocking a chair over, right in front of Alan Mullery, our guest that evening watching the England game.

After 15 minutes of trying to calm down and watching the post-match interviews, I had to make a few apologies, including to Alan who was very forgiving about the tantrum I’d thrown.

Despite all that, I was a little bit grateful that at least I wasn’t Steve Simonsen.

I was feeling sorry for myself but so much more for him.

Unlucky, but he can’t be blamed. Ched Evans and James Beattie are more to blame for us actually being in that position in the first place.

I am completely biased but I do think it is ridiculously unfair for the final result and next season’s future, to be determined in that way.

Sepp Blatter wants to find an alternative to the penalty shoot-out. Is he right? No. Penalties - most certainly - are extremely painful but they are also so exciting and amazing especially if you are on the positive end. Penalty shoot-outs should stay.

You could go on to argue that play-offs are unfair (especially towards us this season). We finish nine points clear of Huddersfield Town but will still be playing football in League One.

That’s football - a game of winners and losers, a test of the best with constant swings and roundabouts.

United were on the losing end once again but our fortune will improve for next season, I’m sure, and it’s automatic promotion and no less.

Both teams were too scared to lose on Saturday, something United, its players and manager can learn from.

It will be interesting to see what sort of team the Blades have got come next season.