CHARLIE WEBSTER: United’s difficulties go back long before Adams arrived

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A HOLIDAY, thankfully, got in the way of me watching Sheffield United’s disaster against Ipswich Town and, to be honest, from the reports I read I’m so glad I didn’t.

I couldn’t believe the result and the incidents involved but I’m not sure why I should be that surprised, really. I’ve started to think maybe I might be expecting too much?

As fans do we expect too much from our team? And what exactly has been going wrong? I’m going to answer my own questions. No I don’t think we are expecting too much. We are a big club with history, tradition and an amazing set of supporters. We most definitely shouldn’t be in this position.

I woke up the other day to messages that Micky Adams was under threat for the sack. After just one month in charge? That would obviously be the wrong decision. Although since those messages the rumours have been rubbished.

Adams is trying to bring in some more new manpower to the squad in the striker department. How much difference would that make? I’ve said it previously and I’ll say it again we are missing a talisman on the pitch. The thing is this all started way before Adams was on the scene. What a tough time for him to take on his dream job managing the club he was brought up to love. I wonder if he is having dreams about staying at Port Vale and achieving promotion? Rather than desperately trying to do something - anything - to fight against relegation?

In my opinion it all started with the appointment of Bryan Robson. The club is still suffering from the salary decisions made under the Robson regime.

I suppose there is no point, really, looking back but only forward and to discuss how our current performances and league position can change for the better.

Firstly I think we must stick with Adams at least till the end of the season. He’s well aware of the situation and his responsibility. I agree with what Sir Alex Ferguson said recently, referring to the length of managers roles getting shorter and shorter. The importance of continuity is completely under estimated in modern day football.

When I met Micky a month ago he joked that if things went down hill he’d be out in a month. How things actually turn and don’t sound funny any more.

The point is that Adams has to stay positive and confident, negative vibes are easily picked up on and have a serious cyclical effect.

The power of confidence is everything in elite sport. It’s clear to see in football all the time, the significance of just one win can have such a profound effect to turn things around. The power of one goal in a game when coming from behind can change the way the team performs and give confidence for players to finish rather than pass the responsibility to someone else.

Some serious work on confidence and working collectively with Adams as part of Sheffield United - not seeing him as an interchangeable, disposable resource - I think would go a long way.

We need to rebuild United for long term success. However, first things first...we must stay in the Championship.