Blades on the up with Wilson

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good start; bad start. However you weigh it up there’s no doubt the Blades are in the ascendency a fortnight into the League One season.

United fans still don’t know whether to laugh or cry as it’s former Wednesday hero Danny Wilson that is doing the business. Blade Thru N Thru on wrote: “Only because it’s the only league we can win in! At least we’re winning the games unlike the wendy’s, stop crying it’s making you look silly, you have no excuse, poor team and cry baby fans.”

Maybe tears is a bit extreme but there’s no doubt Wednesdayites aren’t happy. HeavenlyOwl said: “The quicker we realise we are League One, can’t beat teams like Bury the better. Living on long lost past glories does not win promotion. Keep telling the players ‘we are in League One’ the bottom half at the moment!”

Flotter called for a reality check, before gently making his point: “The fact is, both clubs are in the 3rd tier of football, but even after being out of the top division (where the Owls have spent more time than any other Yorkshire club) for over a decade, the Owls are still considered a big club by others.”

While awreetthen patted the back of all of the city’s football fans: “Report today that cost of matchday tickets in England has increased by 1000% since 1990. Pity we can’t say the same for the quality of football being served up to the poor fans. The fact that Sheffield can muster 15000 for Division 3 high priced rubbish speaks volumes for the loyalty of the fans.”

With both clubs facing two goal deficits during the week BD2_Owl on summed up the thought’s of Wednesday’s travelling (Barmy) army: “No Gary (Megson), It was not acceptable. How about a refund for all the fans that had to sit thtough that tripe, you have openly admitted that it was not good enough, imagine having to have paid £17 to go watch it!”

On Twitter @winzerwurth10 was Hansenesque in his appraisal of United: “Very impressed with the Blades last night, even when they went 2 goals down they never stopped trying to pass the ball.”

Over on The Crossed Blades forum Lingsbord debated the impossible: “DW (Danny Wilson) is in danger of becoming the new DB (Dave Bassett). Congrats to the team, and to the manager, who needed a good start to placate the doubters and he has delivered. 3 games, 9 points, GERRINN THERE!”

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