Adams seeks to invest £50,000 in Vale

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Port Vale manager Micky Adams is attempting to become a director of the troubled League Two club in order to salvage his transfer plans.

The former Sheffield United boss is currently prohibited from any transfer activity after Wednesday’s EGM left just three directors in place, while also delivering a vote of no confidence in the club’s board.

The 49-year-old also intends to invest £50,000 of his own money to purchase shares in the outfit. Adams, who needs 50% of shareholder votes to join the board, said: “This is a purely footballing decision because the club does not have a full board of directors and this is blocking the normal operation of the club, particularly our preparations for the new campaign. I am waiting to extend contracts for existing players and to sign new players, and this can’t take place until the minimum number of directors (four) is in office.”