Scott’s men set for test of character

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rotherham United manager Andy Scott reckons he will now find out more about his squad in the wake of Saturday’s shattering four-goal home defeat to Southend.

“It will be a test of character and we’re going to find out who’s got the guts now,” said the Millers boss.

“It will become very clear, very soon, who wants to become part of this and part of what we’re building here.

“We can, and we will, be successful. So who wants it?”

There is no doubt it was a result which sent shockwaves through their fans and across the division although Rotherham had been conceding more goals than is usually the case for a team in the top three.

“I have always been a manager whose teams are organised, who makes them hard to beat, but I was disappointed and frustrated because we work on a lot things defensively,” he said.

“Maybe some players have had too much credit for what they can do rather than what they can’t do. Certainly if they continually do the same things then it’s not going to be right for the football club and you have to pass people by.

“We have some good players here. But we do need to be more ruthless, harder to beat. And there’s no point having good players if they’re not going to graft, and work, and do the nasty things and win headers.

“I know what people want in this area - they want to see people working hard and grafting for each other. They did not get their moneysworth and I do not accept that.”