Scott argues it’s time for a fall-out!

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ROTHERHAM United manager Andy Scott says he wants players to point a finger at teammates if things aren’t being done right.

“For example, Johnny Mullins was absolutely outstanding last Saturday but he has people letting him down and I want him to tell people when they aren’t doing the right thing,” said Scott.

“And if they don’t like it, let’s have a tear-up.

“I don’t mind because we’d all sort it out in the end and be all the better for it. Someone will be right and someone will be wrong and we’ll work out who that is and we’ll all have got it off our chest.

“The thing is we just accept what goes off on the pitch and that’s why we get beaten. We accept that people are not doing the things they should.”

He said he is seeking a squad with a strong mentality and a training mentality.

“We have some good players here, no doubt, and we’ve still got a chance,” he said.

“We’re good enough and if we click, mentally, there’s no stopping us, I’ve no doubt about that.”