ROTHERHAM UNITED: Steve Evans does it the Cloughie way

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ROTHERHAM United manager Steve Evans says he is a democrat not an autocrat and will involve his staff in decision-making processes.

“I work with my staff, will ask for their opinions and listen to their advice,” said Evans.

“I’ve got a goalkeeping coach who is an expert on all things goalkeeping and a physio who advises me about matters medical.

“They know their subject and I listen to them.

“The staff will have their input into various matters, and are encouraged to do so. Ultimately, of course, after assimilating everything, it will be my call - but I’m democratic not auotcratic.”

On the question of the future of players, Evans says the assessment will be made on a “yes” or “no” basis.

“If it’s a maybe then I consider that a ‘no’,” said Evans. “Brian Clough used that criteria.

“We’ve our own strict criteria as well when it comes to players - ‘can they play in a promotion side?’

“We will make our minds up on what we’ve seen and worked with.”