Rotherham United: Put up or shut up, Evans tells Agard admirers

Kieran Agard
Kieran Agard
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Rotherham United boss has challenged admirers of striker Kieran Agard to match the club’s asking price or clear off.

The Millers are willing to sell last season’s leading scorer at the right price.

And Evans said after the 1-0 win over Wolves: “I keep reading about other clubs saying they’re doing this and doing that.

“Get your chequebooks out or shut up and go away. That’s your choice. You have to pay the rate that we want or we keep him.”

A proposed switch to Leeds United fell through after talks on Friday and Agard came on as a substitute at New York Stadium.

Evans added: “I felt I couldn’t start him.

“Kieran was excused from training on Friday because he went off for talks at Leeds United.

“Kieran decided that was not the right move for him but because he’s been excused from training and been involved in different dialogue to training and preparing for a match he didn’t start. I had a long chat with him in my office before the game and when we finished that chat I made the decision I would have him on the bench. He was always going to play a part, wasn’t he? He’s a terrific player.

“But if you’re going to get close on £1 million guaranteed for a player like that ... then we’re a football club where everyone has a value. Every club has a value on their players. Tottenham Hotspur had one for Gareth Bale. Manchester United had one for Cristiano Ronaldo.”

The Millers manager would still like to see Agard, who has a year left on his present contract, sign a new deal.

“We must have a stronger case for him extending his contract if he doesn’t think it’s right for him to take terms elsewhere,” Evans said. “As I’ve said to Kieran, perhaps the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.”

Scorer Ryan Hall, who had to go off injured, should be fit for tomorrow’s match at home to Watford.