Millers and their five leading men

Reversing the trend: New captain Danny Harrison.
Reversing the trend: New captain Danny Harrison.
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IF ever discussion gets round to captaincy, managers will say they want leaders all over the team.

Well, Rotherham United might reckon they are getting close to it after employing their FIFTH captain of the season - and that’s in just 17 league games.

Poor record: Alex Revell

Poor record: Alex Revell

Midfielder Danny Harrison - one of only two ever-presents in the side this season - is the latest to have pulled on the captain’s armband.

This latest switch arose when striker Alex Revell decided to hand it over.

“I’ve got a c**p record as captain so decided to give it up,” said Revell, signed from Leyton Orient at the end of August.

So, Harrison got his first opportunity in almost 200 Millers appearances to lead out the side when doing so on Saturday. He also led them to their first victory in 10 games and that reversed a captaincy trend.

The officially-named captain when the season started was central defender Ryan Cresswell. But injury after the Torquay game in mid-October meant that manager Andy Scott had another skipper to find.

It has since gone to Michael Raynes, Johnny Mullins and Revell, none of who led the team to a win. Harrison ended that particular run last weekend.

Boss Scott acknowledged that it was unusual to have had some many different captains as early in a season as this. However, he claimed it wasn’t just about one man showing leadership

qualities. “We’ve got leaders in the side - like those people who have had the armband, as well as such as Jason Taylor, Dale Tonge, and now we’ve got in Guy Branston and Jon Harley,” he said.

“You don’t want to give the captaincy to loan players but they’re both are leaders in various ways.

“To be honest, whether a player is captain or not is neither here nor there. You should have enough leaders in a team.

“Everyone should be responsible for organising and making sure people are doing their jobs.

“Danny Harrison understands the game and he’s a player I’ve always liked,” added Scott.

“He does all the scruffy stuff, appreciated by the team, but people don’t always see what he does.He’s a valuable type of player.”

Scott noted Branston’s ability to lead by example and how he can affect the rest of the squad.

“He’s a lad confident in his own ability and he dilutes that into

the rest of the squad in the dressing room,” he said

“He’s come from the outside and seen them play and he’s told them they’re a good side, playing some good stuff but just not getting the results.

“Sometimes you need that outside perspective. We keep telling them but sometimes you need to hear from another source.”

Scott said Branston had made an impact, thathe wants to do well for the club and wants to set an example.

“When he goes into a tackle you wonder how many limbs might come off or where the ball will end up or whether the other bloke will get up or not and it’s exciting,” said Scott.

“But he does it wholeheartedly, puts all his effort in and wants those around to do the same thing.”