Wilson targets flair players for Blades

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SHEFFIELD United manager Danny Wilson has reiterated his commitment to transforming the South Yorkshire’s club’s style of play by confirming he wants to sign two “edge of your seat type players”in the transfer market.

Wilson, who will formulate his recruitment policy with new assistant Frank Barlow, believes that developing an “attacking, entertaining” brand of football can help United reconnect with supporters disillusioned by the club’s relegation from the Championship last season.

“In the past I’ve always liked to have at least two edge of your seat type players in my teams,” he said. “By that I mean people who can either beat an opponent with a trick or through sheer pace.

“If you’ve got them then, in my experience, you can surround them with your more solid professionals and still be entertaining to watch.

“It’s early days yet (in terms of deals) but that’s something I’ll be trying to do.

“Of course, ultimately it’s results that keep fans happy. That’s what they want and that’s always going to be the case.

“But it’s also important that they’re entertained. That they enjoy what they see because they work hard for their money and deserve something in return.”

Whether or not Wilson succeeds in filling his quota remains to be seen. However, his words will not only encourage those fans who have voiced their disapproval at United’s tactics in recent seasons, but also plc chairman Kevin McCabe who recently admitted to being “disappointed” at the nature of their displays throughout a “wretched” campaign.