REACTION: Barnsley fans’ online view on Danny Wilson’s sacking

Danny Wilson and Chris Hutchings have both left Barnsley
Danny Wilson and Chris Hutchings have both left Barnsley
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There was a mixed response to the news today that Danny Wilson had been sacked as manager of Barnsley, 14 months after taking charge at Oakwell.

Some fans believe that Wilson, who famously guided the club to the top flight in 1997 in his first spell in charge, leaves the club in 17th place in League One, seven points off the relegation zone and the play offs.

Here’s what Reds fans had to say about the decision:

@nyc_tykes - Well that’s put a damp squid on Thursday am? What now #BarnsleyFC

@ajbrammer - I think that’s the first time I’ve been genuinely shocked by a managerial change at Oakwell. #BarnsleyFC

@kris_jowett - Time should now be used to look at the club from top to bottom and restructure the lot. Time for this club too be forward #barnsleyfc

@hazelhurst29 - If we have sacked Wilson without anyone in mind then Mamsford has to follow him out of the door! #barnsleyfc

@Vmania79 - praise to BM and board for this, it needed doing in Dec to be fair, but it’s done. People living in past and not in the ‘now’ #barnsleyfc Many players have been playing like unmotivated individuals and looking like they have given up the ghost months ago #barnsleyfc

@ShaunLazenby - #barnsleyfc rosler or hignett ? Are the within reason someone to put bums on seats and play good attacking football #justlikewatchingbrazil

@dannyS191187 - Anyone happy with sacking Wilson should have a look at the managerial link list! #barnsleyfc

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@carlmelville1 - Couldn’t feel more disillusioned with #barnsleyfc than right now. You sacking manager after manager and getting no where Reds!

@kirkbyred - Disappointed for Danny. Had hoped it would work out but I do think he’s had money to spend and should have been doing better. #barnsleyfc

@adamsteadman83 - bye bye danny, should never have been giving the job in first place. we move on. hignett with experienced no2 for me #barnsleyfc

@nnsilentsinger - Disappointed at some point we’ve got 2 pick a manager & stick with him long term. Too much instability 2. build anything solid #barnsleyfc

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@stevebarnsleyfc - We moan we want him sacking then we moan when he’s sacked! It’s been poor his signings are questionable. #barnsleyfc

@grantyatesmmr - Wilson sacked. Absolute joke. We have been poor on the road but have a decent home record. Shocking #barnsleyfc

@walkertyke1989 - Understand the results have been poor of late. But now DW has gone. Who is realistically gunna come in?? #Barnsleyfc

@samwilzrhcp - Good decision @bfc_official turgid stuff served up by Wilson, and no sign of progress. The bloke clearly lost the plot. #Barnsleyfc

@samfltwd - People who are saying Wilson shouldn’t have been sacked are deluded... #BarnsleyFC

@ConnorMcintyre9 - Shocked but not really that surprised that Wilson has been sacked tbh #BarnsleyFC

@thompsonben92 - I now hope #barnsleyfc sit down and discuss a philosophy and a plan of how they want to play. Then chose a manager to fit the philosophy.

@SamBottomley1 - We will finish lower mid table anyway so why not give him time to build & plan then judge him next year??? #barnsleyfc

@anrinoz - Oh dear oh dear oh dear. This is getting silly. Ok let’s start again. A 1978 Allen Clarke please. #barnsleyfc

@Housesetc - be careful what you wish for! we’ve lost far too many managers who gone on to relative success, our last 3 for instance. #barnsleyfc

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