Football: Evans welcomes back Reds boss Danny

New Barnsley manager Danny Wilson
New Barnsley manager Danny Wilson
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It was a case of welcome back to Danny Wilson this week and I did have a little message for him as well.

“Welcome back to the asylum of football management” was at the top of my text.

He’s back at Barnsley and there was quite a clamour from their supporters to get Danny in. It’s the right choice.

They say you should never go back but there’s a big difference here because he’s a Barnsley legend as player and manager and for what he did for that club. He will go in there with that behind him.

I do question, with respect, why Sheffield United got rid of him at the time when they were in a play-off position albeit having had a few iffy results. Who knows, they may have made it.

After they’d missed out the previous season in the play-offs, having lost the services of their main striker too (Ched Evans), wouldn’t it have been better to have enabled Danny to bring in a striker last season.

The decision ultimately proved to be the wrong decision. I think Gary Johnson, manager of their opponents Yeovil in last season’s play-offs, would have been happy Danny wasn’t there.

When I’ve come against Danny I’ve found him to be meticulous in his planning. He will give the players hope and this is an experienced manager who knows the club, the fans, the culture of the club.

Barnsley have made a shrewd choice but he’s back on board and he’ll know what he’s letting himself in for.

*Imagine a new owner coming to Hillsborough, deciding Wednesday isn’t his favourite day of the week and deciding to change the name to Sheffield Monday or Sheffield Friday? How would that go down with all those Owls fans? Think I’ve a good idea!

The situation at Hull City, with owner Assem Allam wanting to rename them Hull Tigers, is certainly stirring things up on Humberside.

I can actually look at this from two angles - from a professional working angle and from my life outside football when I was involved in the commercial side of things.

The reason Mr Allam wants to rebrand them as Tigers is with an eye on the lucrative Asian market and areas where the tiger is revered. It would generate huge interest and income.

He saved the club from oblivion and wants to find additional revenue streams and believes this will do so.

But what if a new owner at my club wanted to rename them Rotherham Lions how would that go down? It would be so ridiculous as to be unimaginable.

Hull City is associated with football. Would he not consider Hull City City Tigers if he’s determined to push ahead although it sounds more like rugby.

I can understand the prospect of commercial gain but in the Premier League you’re guaranteed £100m. What difference does a few thousand shirt sales overseas make.

I have empathy with, and great sympathy for, the Hull City fans who want to retain the identity of their club.