Cricket: South Yorkshire League clubs vote in favour of Alliance League merger

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A merger between the South Yorkshire League (SYL) and South Yorkshire Cricket Alliance League has been given the green light.

SYL clubs voted in favour of the merger at the league’s AGM last week.

The newly-expanded SYL will now have 56 clubs, 108 teams and will be organised into nine divisions. The lower six divisions will split on a geographical basis (East and West).

Clubs will only be eligible to progress above Division Four if they meet all SYL criteria, including fielding at least two senior teams and running a junior section incorporating at least two teams.

A statement from the South Yorkshire League said: “The merger comes at the request of the Alliance which had been struggling to survive within the changing social and economic climate.

“Over the last few years, several smaller clubs have folded as players have drifted away from the game and facilities have deteriorated through cuts to councils’ parks and recreation budgets.

“It is hoped that the experience and resolve of the highly successful South Yorkshire League will help clubs raise standards and improve the structures needed to survive.”