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Mosborough MW
Mosborough MW
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Super League Results

Meersbrook Park 4 Bradfield 9 (Matt Beever 21-19, Andy Turner 21-16, Peter Worfolk 21-15, Gary Hanson 21-17, Andy Mailer 21-18, Steve Lonnia 21-17)

Maltby 7 (Danny Sillitoe 21-7) Meersbrook BC 5 (Paul Bailey 21-13, Dean Missere 21-17, Mick Hobson 21-19, Andy Sorsby 21-17, Andy Whitaker 21-20)

Crookesmoor 9 (Sam Day 21-9) Woodlands 3 (Andy Jones 21-11, Mick Boyd 21-20, Malcolm Fox 21-14)

Armthorpe 10 (Melvin Axe 21-9) Millhouses 2 (Dave Hallam 21-12, Richard Howson 21-18)

The South Yorkshire Parks vets team received a setback in their British Parks Championship quest as they lost 16-11 to East Midlands on Sunday July 21. The rivals from South Derbyshire inflicted a rare 6-6 draw at Hollinsend Park with the locals only managing four winners but sneaking the aggregate 179-177 mainly thanks to Dave Denton’s 21-7 win. Steve Marshall 21-12, Phil Smedley 21-15 and John Athey 21-17 were the other winners. The away leg at Winshill in Burton-on-Trent was almost as close with five winners each with East Midlands taking the bonus points for the aggregate 180-171. The South Yorkshire winners were: Dave Mallinson 21-14, Robert Thompson 21-19, Phil Walworth 21-19, Malcolm Foweather 21-12 and Mel Hobson 21-11.

The BCGBA Senior Individual Merit, more affectionately known as the “All-England” was held last Saturday in Edgbaston, Birmingham. Colin Scorah and Chris Hill the two South Yorkshire representatives both exited at the first hurdle but Rob Wiltshire from Penistone playing under the Yorkshire banner won three games before losing 21-10 in the quarter-finals to local lad Peter Dunkley. 21 year-old Greg Smith from Warwickshire, the dual BCGBA Junior Merit winner the 2008 and 2010 won the tournament in fine style 21-8, 21-6, 21-15, 21-9, 21-8 and 21-11 in the final against Cumbrian John Reilly.

The South Yorkshire Mason Cup finals day at Swallownest Bowling Club on Sunday July 28 with Meersbrook Bowling Club beating last year’s champions Maltby 154-134 in one semi-final and Dearne Sports defeating Armthorpe Welfare 150-147 in the other. Full scores: Andrew Sorsby 21 Jonathan Sneddon 13, Michael Hobson 21 Lee Davies 19, Richard Atkin 21 Daniel Sillitoe 11, Jack Clarke 21 Adam Jones 10, Ernie Wearing 13 Robert Swift 21, Andrew Whitaker 21 Ross Meese 19, Paul Bailey 15 Darren Stevenson 21, Gary Ainley 21 Dean Myers 20. John Richardson 21 Nigel Copping 20, Malcolm Tonge 16 Craig Hill 21, Simon Hallas 17 Kevin Nixon 21, Mark Kay 21 Ian Chappell 7, Scott Parkes 16 David Poole 21, Craig Rumney 17 Roger Norris 21, Daniel Hallas 18 Johnathan Hardwick 21, Melvin Axe 21 Kevin Reilly 18. Meersbrook took a twelve point advantage in the final after four jacks and consolidated in the back four to win by 151-138. Scores: Andrew Sorsby 21 Nigel Copping 13, Paul Bailey 20 Craig Hill 21, Michael Hobson 21 Roger Norris 18, Richard Atkin 21 Kevin Nixon 19, Peter Tomlinson 14 Kevin Riley 21, Jack Clarke 21 Ian Chappell 9, Andrew Whitaker 12 David Poole 21, Gary Ainley 21 Johnathan Hardwick16.

The South Yorkshire ladies county team played Wirral on Sunday July 28 winning the home leg at Armthorpe Welfare Bowling Club near Doncaster by 75 points 228-153. Jean Winchcombe led the way first off the green winning 21-2, and was outdone late on by Sarah Fox who won 21-1. Other home winners were Jackie Fraser 21-20, Janet Bisatt 21-13, Margaret Smith 21-9, Liz Hall 21-11, Elaine Caddick 21-15, Jayne Hamilton 21-11 and Kerry Brown 21-8. The away squad at Melrose BC lost 195-217 with 6 winning cards: Donna Pugh 21-20, Rachel Wass 21-13, Lisa Brownell 21-16, Yvonne Hamilton 21-12, Pauline Tomlinson 21-13 and Christine Davies 21-18.

Mosborough Miners Welfare won the Nelson Withey Trophy beating Graves Park quite heavily in the final at Herdings Park. The match was effectively over as a contest after the first four jacks which Mosborough won: Mick Royston 21-2, George Crossland 21-5, Barrie Milnes 21-8 and Vic Greenfield 21-3. Paul Windle 21-14 and Colin Waller 21-15 were their other two winners on the day.

(photograph of winning team attached)

Open Competition Results

Andy Mailer made his now traditional third round exit at the Spen Masters last Saturday evening 21-11 at the hands of Callum Wraight. This makes it four times in the last five years your bowls reporter has bit the dust in the qualifier at the Spen Victoria green. Callum you may recall won the Mark and Allan Haries Trophy at Woodlands early in July, which was his third win of the year, and he added to that tally twice on Sunday July 28 with wins at Elton Liberal Club in Bury in the afternoon winning to 5, 5, 10 and 8, following up at the Alexandra Club in Blackburn in the evening to promote himself to the top of the 2013 rankings.

West Melton’s Victory Cup qualifiers from last Sunday morning were Chris Hill (Bradfield), Adrian Taylor (Morton House), John Shepherd (Darfield Park) and Darren Smith (Derby). The draw for the final on Sunday August 11 will appear in next week’s Gras Roots.

Andy Farmer had a good run in the Fleetwood Bowls Festival Men’s Singles last week defeating Ashley Daykin 21-17 in Thursday’s last 16, and Stuart Mort 21-9 in Friday’s quarter-final before losing 21-18 to Dave Walker from Swinton in the semi-finals. Debbie Farmer may have been one of the favourites for the ladies event but dipped out in the last 16, but their 9 year-old son Dylan lost in the final of the under-12s competition to 11 year-old Wilson Harris of Dewsbury.

The famous Waterloo Hotel in Blackpool has had a much needed facelift this year and with new management in the pub and on the bowls side, the main autumn competition has reached the 512 entry target for the first time in a few years. Chesterfield’s Jon Marshall was amongst the first batch of qualifiers for the last 64 on Saturday September 14, winning three rounds on the big green on Tuesday July 23. Jon also reached the third round of the Spen Masters the previous weekend, getting full value for his £25 entry fee beating both Roger Morgan and Danny Sillitoe 21-20 before just losing out 21-16 to Welshman John Bailey in the qualifier.

What’s On

The Sheffield Civics tournament continues this afternoon at Hillsborough Park with the Men’s Veterans Finals from 1.30pm and tomorrow afternoon with the Men’s finals from 1.30pm. The surfaces of the Hillsborough Park bowling greens are immaculate, but disappointingly soft and spongy due to over-watering and a lack of regular scarification. They are consequently very heavy to bowl on, especially when they should be dry and running after the warmest July in recent years. Both last year’s young winner (Aaron Williams) and even younger runner-up (Harry Slack) are still in the last 16 draw for the Men’s event: Harry Slack (Meersbrook Park) v Simon Jones (Norfolk Park), Carl Crossley (Hillsborough Park) v Andy Turner (Bradfield), Steve Oliver (High Hazels) v K Key (Thorncliffe), Steve Hutchinson (Davys) v Aaron Williams (Hillsborough Park), Chris Bower (Bradfield) v Steve Marshall (Millhouses Park), James Wagland (Bolehills) v Dave Hawksworth (Richmond Park), Phil Walworth (Millhouses Park) v Keith Day (Crookesmoor), Paul Walton (Hollinsend Park) v Matt Beever (Bradfield)

There are two one-day competitions on Sunday August 4. An open singles competition at the Hallamshire Proprietary Club from 9.30am with a 32 strong field, and the Stan Jones Trophy for veterans who play in the Sheffield Social Clubs league taking place at Thorncliffe from 11.00am.

The Sheffield Parks Kever Wait Doubles final takes place on Monday August 5 at Crookesmoor between Millhouses Park and Stocksbridge BC from 2.00pm.

The South Yorkshire County Handicap takes place at Todwick Parish Bowling Club on Wednesday August 7 starting at 6.00pm. These are the participants with the draw being done at greenside prior to commencement of play. Ross Meese, John Sneddon, Colin Scorah, Steve Oliver, Andy Mailer, Matt Goulding, Mick Hague, Andy Whitaker, Paul Bailey, Steve Marshall, Ian Chappell, Simon Hallas, Craig Hill, Mick Lisles, Eric Phillips and Martyn Watkin.

Tuesday August 6 from 2.00pm: Sheffield Parks Ladies Sayles Doubles: Hallam Grange v Bolehills A at Fulwood, Hollinsend v Whiteley Woods at Millhouses No. 2, Meersbrook Park v Bolehills B at Whiteley Woods