Sharks keep their snap

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Sharks point-guard Ryan Patton has talked of his team’s resolve after their play-off victory at Glasgow Rocks on Monday.

Needing to make up 15 points from the first leg, Sharks fell further behind in Scotland before rallying for a 94-73 win (162-156 overall.)

Patton said of Sheffield’s mentality: “You always fight for it. When you’re down you just keep scrapping. We could tell it got to them when we had a 10 point run just before half time. They tightened up. We jumped on them and kept on them, we kept smart, and weren’t panicking.”

The change around in the tie was dramatic. After the first leg the Sharks were just about still in it, but even Patton agreed it had been poor.

He said: “Friday was awful. We were missing shots we’d normally make. But we held them to 83 points so defence wasn’t bad. To a man, no-one played well. But we’re ready for the semis now.”