Dean impresses in heat of world event

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Hatti Dean (Hallamshire) had a good run in the World Cross Country Championships at Port Umbria, Spain, yesterday finishing a highly creditable 21st.

She was second UK athlete behind Charlotte Purdue who was top European in 14th place. Britain were fifth team in a race won by Kenya who also provided the individual winner, Vivian Cheruiyot.

Conditions were very warm. Dean said afterwards: “Everyone thinks I like running in the heat because I did well in Mombasa (World Cross 2007), but I hate it, I don’t enjoy it at all, I just seem to run alright in it!”

Leeds City suffered a surprise defeat at the hands of Morpeth in the Northern 12 Stage Road Relay Championship at Catterick yesterday. A below strength Hallamshire team did well to finish 10th.

Rob Baker ran the lead stage for Hallamshire and he was the fastest long stage (8K) runner for the team with 22:41 which put him eighth on a very competitive stage. Joe Gratton gained three places on the second stage, his 11:53 b3ing Hallamshire’s fastest short stage (4K). Tom Jenkins moved to fourth on stage three which was Hallamshire’s highest position.

Wakefield Harriers caused an upset by winning the women’s six stage relay with Hallamshire sixth. Although back in 12th place on the opening leg, Michelle Jenkins was Hallamshire’s fastest runner for the 4K lap with 13:20.

There is little doubt that with Dean and Lizzie Adams in the team, Hallamshire would have won.

Results - Men (12 stages): 1 Morpeth 3:24:16; 2 Leeds City 2:25:36; 3 Derby 3:33:24; 10 Hallamshire 3:42:56 (R Baker 22:41, J Gratton 11:53, T Jenkins 23:44, R O’Toole 13:00, A Challenger 24:10, S Wilson 12:28, M Sprot 25:51, D Nolan 12:21, C Fishwick 25:16, R Guillaum 25:03, D Furniss 12:39). Fastest long stage: J Taylor (Morpeth) and T Lancashire (Bolton) 21:37. Fastset short stage: R Weir (Derby) 10:50

Women (six stages): 1 Wakefield 1:19:56 (S Marshall 14:50, C Thomas 12:11, K McHale 13:57, H Singleton 12:38, S Bostwick 13:53, J Briscoe 12:27); 2 Leigh 1:20:10; 3 Salford 1:20:34; 6 Hallamshire 1:22:48 (M Jenkins 13:20, H Whitelam 14:19, E Wild 14:17, E Such 13:35, R Proctor 13:28, N Squires 13:29). Fastest time: E Baker (Stockport) 12:09.

South Yorkshire did not win any medals at the English Schools Cross Country Championships at Nottingham, although there were some noteworthy performances. Tom Bains had an outstanding run in the intermediate boys race finishing 9th whilst Calli Thackery was 12th in the senior girls race.

Natalia Hackett was again in top form a week after winning the inter counties. At the botton of the age group she ran well for 11th place in the intermediate age group. With Fiona Bell finishing 20th, South Yorkshire finished 10th in the team race, their best position of the day.

Results - Senior Boys - 1 K Clements (Suffolk) 20:50; 2 H Dixon (Hampshire) 20:54; 3 J Grace (Surrey) 20:57. Teams: 1 Sussex 230; 36 South Yorks 1276.

Intermediate Boys: 1 J McMurray (Hampshire) 17:40; 2 M Shirling (Merseyside); 3 J Davies (Berkshire) 17:44; 9 T Bains (South Yorks) 18:04. Teams: 1 Greater Manchester 310; 39 South Yorks 1173.

Junior Boys: 1 T Holden (Surrey) 13:38; 2 P Asgodom (Middlesex) 13:44; 3 J Crabtree (Graeter Manchester) 13:50. Teams: 1 Middlesex 147; 41 South Yorkshire 1366.

Senior Girls: 1 J Walsh (West Yorks) 14:37; 2 I Lake (Norfolk) 14:45; 3 C Taylor (Linc) 14:55; 12 C Thackery (South Yorks) 15:19. Teams: 1 Hampshire 349; 30 South Yorks 1011

Intermediate Girls: 1 J Judd (Essex) 12:17; 2 A Wright (Hereford and Worcester) 12:51; 3 A Hetherington (Cumbria) 13:00; 11 N Hackett (South Yorks) 13:15; 20 F Bell (South Yorks) 13:39. Teams: 1 Surrey 214; 10 South Yorkshire 623.

Junior Girls: 1 B Owen (North Yorks) 12:28; 2 K Shiel-Rankin (Surrey) 12:36; 3 B Croft (Bucks) 12:39. Teams: 1 Essex 279; 33 South Yorks 1101