Cross country league wide open

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Athletics: Latest news, reports and more.
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Olympic 1500 metre runner Laura Weightman turned out as a guest in the second South Yorkshire Cross country League fixture at Graves Park yesterday. Weightman, a student at Leeds Metropoliatan University who runs for Morpeth Harriers, showed her class, running away from the opposition in what was little more than a training outing.

Coached by former World record holder Steve Cram, Weightman finished more than a minute clear of Hallamshire’s Julia Jagger who in turn was comfortably ahead of Steph Burns (Rotherham). The result opens up the league title, defending champion Burns having won the opening fixture.

Hallamshire junior Tom Bains showed hisolder rivals a clean pair of heels in the men’s race finishing comfortable ahead of guest runner Philip Sesemann with Hallamshire’s Matthew Hobbs in third place.Connor Milnes (Hallamshire) had the biggest winning margin apart from Weightman taking the under 17 race from Rotherham’s Devon Stead.


Men: 1 T Bains (Hallamshire, junior) 33:15; 2 P Sesemann (Guest) 33:28; 3 M Hobbs (Hallamshire) 33:52; 4 J Heneghan (Sheffield RC) 33:56; 5 R Harris (Rotherham, veteran) 34:03

Under-17: 1 C Milnes (Hallamshire) 22:37; 2 D Stead (Rotherham) 23:38; 3 C Wilson (Doncaster) 23:56. Under-15: 1 O Dane (City of Sheffield) 15:59; 2 C Bell (Hallamshire) 16:03; 3 K Smith (Rotherham) 16:14. Under-13: 1 D Byrne (City of Sheffield) 14:34; 2 L Young (City of Sheffield) 15:29; 3 M Stevens (Rotherham) 15:38. Under-11: 1 S Nutter (Barnsley) 5:59; 2 Mullane (Rotherham) 6:44; 3 C Goacher (Hallamshire) 6:47

Women: 1 L Weightman (Guest) 24:13; 2 J Jagger (Hallamshire) 25:29; 3 S Burns (Rotherham) 26:11; 4 H Fletcher (Hallamshire, junior) 26:56; 5 S Lowery (Sheffield RC) 28:06.

Under-17: 1 R Dancer (Hallamshire) 18:16; 2 A Atkinson (City of Sheffield) 18:20; 3 C Slack (Hallamshire) 18:41. Under-15: 1 A Moore (Barnsley AC) 12:47; 2 A Lancaster (City of Sheffield) 12:59; 3 E Simpson (City of Sheffield) 13:22. Under-13: 1 T Simpson (Hallamshire) 13:17; 2 G Harris (Rotherham) 13:42; 3 E Crownshaw (Hallamshire) 13:44. Under-11: 1 J Hill (Hallamshire) 6:58; 2 R Morris (City of Sheffield) 7:17; 3 H Booker (Hallamshire) 7:19.