Business as usual for Jess as Games draw nearer

Jessica Ennis: Will do the long jump and javelin at Loughborough      Picture: John Giles/PA Wire
Jessica Ennis: Will do the long jump and javelin at Loughborough Picture: John Giles/PA Wire
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THEY say that the eye of the storm is the calmest and safest place to be.

From the outside it may seem as though the world is revolving around Jessica Ennis ahead of the Olympic Games.

For us, though, life is the same as ever. We’re training hard and preparing as we’d normally do with a major championship less than a month away.

It would be wrong to say that the Olympic Games are no more special than any other event, because that’s simply not the case.

However, once the competition starts Jess will be doing the same things as she’s done thousands of times before.

The 100 metre straight will measure 100 metres, the shot put will weigh four kilos and the 800m will still be two laps of the track.

I think what we’ve tried to do for a number of years is to normalise everything.

So when people say Jess isn’t going to go and look at the Olympic stadium before the Games begin, well she didn’t look at the one in Barcelona, or Berlin, or Daegu or Melbourne.

Normally you don’t get to see the stadium before competing.

We will get a walk around the day before the heptathlon starts because there’s usually a training day. Even though the Olympics is special what we’ve tried to say is yes it is special, but it is normal.

The home crowd will bring very positive element though. And Jess performs better in those environments.

There will be a few milestones reached this week.

We’ve already had one when the track and field team was named by the British Olympic Association.

It was obviously no great surprise that she was in it but it is still a special moment.

The next to tick off is her final event before London.

That will be on Saturday in Loughborough when she’ll do the long jump and javelin.

There have been a few comments about Jess’s long jump after her performance at the Aviva Trials a couple of weeks ago but we’re not concerned.

It was just one of those days that anyone can have and we move on.

We know that she will have to be at her very best in every discipline to compete for a gold medal in London.

Consistency is what she is good at. As a percentage of her personal best scores, Jess gets closer than anyone else.

One thing is for certain, her rivals will be keeping a close eye on her scores.

We honestly don’t have a clue how they’re going on, but with the Power of 10 website it only takes a few clicks to see what form Jess is in.

We’re happy with how things are going. A couple more weeks of hard training and then we’re ready for the preparation camp.